Air Transat commercializes flights between Canada and Haiti on main distribution system

Montreal, February 9, 2015 —Air Transat, Canada’s leading leisure airline, is proud to announce the commercialization of its regular aviation activities between Canada and Haiti on the GDS booking systems available to travel agents. This designation reflects the growth of Haiti’s tourism industry, which benefits from development strategies formulated by the Haitian Ministry of Tourism and the collaboration of choice partners like Transat and Air Transat.

Considered a scheduled airline for Haiti since April 2014, Air Transat has been providing weekly service between Montreal and Port-au-Prince for over 15 years. This recent designation reinforces Air Transat’s presence in Haiti.

Let’s not forget that, since January 2013, Transat has been actively involved in the revival of Haiti’s tourism activity. In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and a number of local companies, the tour operator has created several lines of vacation packages, which help stimulate the country’s tourism development and deliver a client experience that’s authentically Haitian.

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