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    Travelling to Europe in the next 30 days? See our last minute flight deals!
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  • Winter flight deals

    Our best flight deals to the South this winter!
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  • United Kingdom

    Our best flight deals to the United Kingdom
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  • Israel: where ancient meets modern

    One of the oldest and holiest places in the world, Israel is sacred to a number of religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Transat offers many travel options for packages and guided tours in Israel.

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  • Tel Aviv: the City that Never Stops

    Tel Aviv is Israel’s tourist hub and a vibrant seaside resort on the Mediterranean coast. Visitors flock to this metropolis for its golden beaches, historic and cultural heritage, food and nightlife scene, and laid-back lifestyle.

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  • Europe

    See our deals and find popular Europe-bound flights that fit your schedule.
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  • South

    We offer up to 34 South destinations all year long, including the Caribbean, Central and South America.
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  • Florida

    Touch down in Orlando, Fort Lauderdale or Tampa and happily enjoy all the things to do the Sunshine State has to offer.
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  • Canada

    Want to visit Canada on your next vacation? Take advantage of our domestic flights!

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Travel Advisories and latest news

  • New check-in location at Toronto Pearson Airport

    Air Transat announces a change in the location of its Toronto Airport check-in counters starting June 4, 2018.

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  • Launch of the electronic boarding pass

    Starting November 7, Air Transat passengers who check in online for their flights will have the option to receive their boarding passes electronically on their mobile devices.

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  • Europe is more accessible than ever with Air Transat

    Air Transat is pleased to announce that it will be adding new domestic flights this summer, making Europe more accessible to travellers from Calgary, Vancouver and Quebec City.

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  • Air Transat improves its meal options on transatlantic flights

    Air Transat is pleased to announce that it will start serving hot meals to its passengers in Economy Class on all its transatlantic flights.

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Duty-free boutique

Travelling internationally? Shop duty free and save 15% to 40% on the suggested retail price of various items, including chocolates, cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and much more.

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    Initiatives for a better world


    One of Transat’s greatest ambitions over the past few years has been to become a model of responsibility in the travel industry. Achieving this goal requires not only new ways of working and thinking but also a new corporate vision.

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