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Mexico Travel Guide

  • Vacations to Mexico, from coast to coast

    A vacation to Mexico means discovering a diverse country full of bustling cities, endless beaches, majestic mountains like the Sierra Madre Occidental, and sweeping desert landscapes. Home to over 95 million people, this stunning country covers nearly 2 million square kilometers.

    Whether along the Pacific, the Caribbean coast or in it's capital city, travellers take pleasure in long, lazy days on the beach with a cold cerveza, spectacular ocean views, deliciously fresh products, and many activities, including deep-sea diving and visiting Mexico’s archaeological and historical sites.

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Follow our vacation expert to Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit. Watch the videos.

  • The Pacific

    Many travellers opt for the Pacific coast— Puerto Vallarta Will open in a separate browser windowAcapulco Will open in a separate browser window or Manzanillo —for almost guaranteed sunshine, long beach vistas and dark blue waves. For water sports lovers, especially surfers, the impressive waves off the Pacific beaches are a little piece of paradise.
  • The Caribbean

    Others choose vacations on Mexico’s Caribbean coast to enjoy the white-sand beaches and turquoise waters of Cancún Will open in a separate browser window and Riviera Maya Will open in a separate browser window. Cozumel Will open in a separate browser window is particularly popular with divers looking to explore beautiful coral reefs. Those who are archaeologically inclined tour Maya and Toltec ruins, such as Chichén Itzá in Tulum.
  • Mexican cuisine and flavours

    Mexican cuisine is a reason in and of itself to travel to Mexico. Fajitas, tacos and guacamole made from freshly picked avocados, sweet salsa that tastes like pure sunshine, black beans and grilled fish abound. Typical Mexican cuisine is renowned for its tasty sauces and spices that make every dish a sensation.
  • Mexico City, the capital

    Located in a valley at an altitude of 2,240 m, Mexico City is home to almost 20 million souls. This charming capital city is full of historical and cultural attractions. Its busy nightlife, spicy cuisine, vivid neighbourhoods and friendly locals seduce many travellers.

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Important travel information

  • Airports in South serviced by Air Transat


    The Mexican peso (MNX) is this country’s official currency. However, it is recommended to carry American dollars while in Mexico as it is more easily exchanged than Canadian dollars.

    Official Language

    The official language of Mexico is Spanish and is spoken by nearly all Mexicans. Nonetheless, there are also more than 60 native languages, including Nahuatl and Mayan.


    Visit the Government of Canada travel website or ask your health professional for more information about vaccinations.

  • Entry/exit requirements

    Foreign visitors to Cancun and Cozumel have to pay a tax. They can pay this fee prior to their arrival or during their stay, and must show their receipt at the airport before leaving Mexico.

    Payment can only be made online via the VISITAX website  Will open in a separate browser window .

    You can complete the Tourist Card (Official Entry Immigration Form) online before departure. Be sure to enter your name as it appears on your passport and to follow the instructions  Will open in a separate browser window (not applicable for travels to Cancun).

    For more information about passport and visa requirements, visit the Government of Canada Will open in a separate browser window travel website.

    Presence of Sargassum in Mexico and the Caribbean

    Depending on the weather conditions, winds and tides may bring large quantities of Sargassum to shore. Since seaweed moves with the ocean currents, quantities may vary by place and day. Transat would like to inform its clients that this natural phenomenon beyond its control affects several parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. Although the presence of this brown seaweed is greater than usual, our hotel partners are making every effort to clean the beaches when necessary.

    New anti-smoking legislation in Mexico

    Since January 2023, smoking is strictly prohibited in public places in Mexico. This law applies to beaches, parks, hotels, and restaurants. It is also illegal to bring electronic cigarettes or vaping devices and their solutions into Mexico. Violators may be subject to fines or detention.


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