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It is possible that certain destinations will not be offered for the upcoming season.

United-States destinations

Index of United States destinations offered

  • Fort Lauderdale

    A large part of Fort Lauderdale tourism may involve lazing on the beach, sipping cold drinks and taking refreshing dips in the ocean, but travellers visiting the area discover that this part of Florida has many things to do all year-round.

  • Fort Myers New!

    The turquoise of the sea. The pristine white of the sand. The lush green of the mangroves. The rainbow colours of the main street facades. Nestled along the west coast of Florida, Fort Myers is as much a hot spot for families as for devoted beach bums. This is where you’ll find deserted beaches and the soft lapping of the Gulf of Mexico. 

  • Miami New!

    Lover of the sun and jet-set city par excellence, Miami isn’t shy to show off. And why should it be? It has a lot to brag about. Unique art deco architecture. Bustling streets lined with rainbow-hued murals. Chic hotels with rooftop pools. Beautiful beaches galore. Creative cuisine with a Cuban flair. Legendary dance-’til-the-wee-hours nightclubs.

  • Orlando

    With so many regular flights to Orlando, enjoying a sunny vacation in Florida is a worry-free experience. Located in the centre of the sunshine state, Orlando has plenty to offer travellers seeking a memorable vacation filled with different kinds of activities.

  • New Orleans

    What’s your New Orleans? Is it Mardi Gras whimsy, Creole and Cajun cooking or Bourbon Street nightlife? Maybe you’re a football fan, eager to shout “Who dat?” Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to “pass a good time” in “N’awlins,” as they say.