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Has COVID-19 affected your travel plans?

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Find the best flight deals with Air Transat. Book your cheap flight to Europe, United States, Canada or South destinations.

  • To Europe

    See our deals and find popular Europe-bound flights that fit your schedule.
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  • To the South

    We offer many South destinations, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
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  • To the USA

    Take advantage of special offers for our US destinations: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans.

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  • Within Canada

    Want to visit Canada on your next vacation? Take advantage of our domestic flights!

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  • Train + Air to Europe

    A combination of flight between Canada and Paris, with rail travel to 18 cities in France and Belgium.

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  • Multi-destination flights

    With Air Transat, you can land in one of our European gateways and leave from another city or even country at no extra charge.

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  • Group travel

    Travelling with a group of 10 or more passengers? Ask for an offer now and take advantage of our benefits.

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