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Book a flight with Air Transat

Now that the beach is within easy reach, dip your toes back into Florida or the South. With Europe on the travel map again, soak up the charm of its timeless treasures. And if you're all about keeping it local, you'd be surprised at the many adventures to be had right here in Canada!

The world is your oyster once more, so there's no better time to turn your travel dreams into reality. Plus, we've got you covered with flexible options that let you book with peace of mind.

Vacation is calling again. So, where to?

Choose the flight that suits you

Find the best flight deals with Air Transat. Book your cheap flight to Europe, United States, Canada or South destinations.

  • To Europe

    See our deals and find popular Europe-bound flights that fit your schedule.
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  • To the South

    We offer many South destinations, including Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America.
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  • To the USA

    Take advantage of special offers for our US destinations: Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and New Orleans.

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  • Within Canada

    Want to visit Canada on your next vacation? Take advantage of our domestic flights!

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  • Train + Air to Europe

    A combination of flight between Canada and Paris, with rail travel to 18 cities in France and Belgium.

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  • Multi-destination flights

    With Air Transat, you can land in one of our European gateways and leave from another city or even country at no extra charge.

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  • Group travel

    Travelling with a group of 10 or more passengers? Ask for an offer now and take advantage of our benefits.

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