#ExpérienceTransat: Make us wish we were there!

Show us how you #ExperienceTransat

The Transat Experience: Who better to tell a story than the person who lived it? However simple or over-the-top that story may be, it’s genuine and we want you to share the moments that have made your vacation truly unforgettable.

Whether it’s an excursion, a round of golf, a catamaran ride, a memorable meal or just a day at the beach, we want to know what your trip highlight was:

  • Immortalize one of your most memorable vacation moments with a photo or in writing
  • Use the hashtag #ExperienceTransat
  • Share it on social media!

Your memories may just end up in one of our campaigns!

Enter today by sharing your moments on Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr using the hashtag #ExperienceTransat. You can also submit your photos or testimonials by visiting www.experiencetransat.com.

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