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Dominican Republic routes & schedules at a glance

Flights to Dominican Republic are easy to book with Air Transat. Before planning a trip, be sure to check the schedule below, as some routes may be seasonal.

Discover Dominican Republic

  • The beaches

    Punta Cana Will open in a separate browser window is prized for its endless white sand beaches and luxurious tropical vacations offered at an affordable price. Located on the Coconut Coast, Punta Cana delivers an unforgettable all-inclusive experience for sun-seeking tourists.

  • Dominican cuisine

    Dominican dishes are as textured, colourful and varied as the nation’s history, many of which are inspired by Taino, Creole, European and even African flavours. The most traditional Dominican dish is bandera, featuring meat, rice, beans, fried plantains and salad. Food lovers have many a tasty option to feast their eyes on!
  • Nature in all its glory

    Tourists looking to reconnect with Mother Nature travel to the Samaná Will open in a separate browser window peninsula for its refreshing and relaxing environment, where mountains covered in lush vegetation contrast beautifully with the peninsula’s white sand beaches and the bay’s smaller islands.

Good to know before you go to Dominican Republic

Important Travel Information

  • Airports in Dominican Republic serviced by Air Transat


    The Dominican peso is this nation’s official currency, but the American dollar is accepted almost everywhere, especially in tourist locations.

    Official Language

    Although Spanish is the Dominican Republic’s official language, employees in most hotels and resorts understand and speak English.

  • Entry/exit requirements

    To get information regarding taxes, passports and all necessary visas, please visit the country travel advice and advisories of the Government of Canada.


    To obtain information concerning vaccines, please visit the Public Health Agency of Canada

    Presence of Sargassum in Mexico and the Caribbean

    Depending on the weather conditions, winds and tides may bring large quantities of Sargassum to shore. Since seaweed moves with the ocean currents, quantities may vary by place and day. Transat would like to inform its clients that this natural phenomenon beyond its control affects several parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. Although the presence of this brown seaweed is greater than usual, our hotel partners are making every effort to clean the beaches when necessary.

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