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Flights to Prague


Prague schedules at a glance

Flights to Prague are easy to book with Air Transat. Before planning a trip, be sure to check the schedule below, as some routes may be seasonal.

Top things to do in Prague

  • Things to do in Prague

    Nestled between other European countries, the Czech Republic is home to a rich assortment of treasures. When in Prague, whether on foot, by bike or by bus, travellers can explore enchanting castles and chapels, towers and bell towers, as well as the charming Charles Bridge and the legendary Dancing House.

    Once the must-sees are crossed off the list, Prague is a perfect place for getting lost. An aimless stroll will take travellers past the strange and beautiful street sculptures of David Černý, quaint cafés tucked away from the crowds and bars serving tasty local beers.

  • Art in Prague

    Art lovers hurry to the Convent of Saint-Agnes, both a cultural monument and a fine example of the gothic style. The Alfonse Mucha Museumshowcases the sensual and lush works of this artist, while the Veletržní Palác National Gallery has an incredible collection of surrealist, cubist and constructivist art from the 20th century.