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Flights to Martinique


Martinique travel & tourism

  • Welcome to Martinique, the French “Island of Flowers”

    Long the vacation destination of choice for the French and Francophiles, Martinique’s unique brand of tourism, stunning natural beauty and fascinating history make it one of the most cosmopolitan islands in the Caribbean.

Martinique routes & schedules at a glance

Flights to Martinique are easy to book with Air Transat. Before planning a trip, be sure to check the schedule below, as some routes may be seasonal.

Discover Martinique

  • Outings

    A tour of one of the island’s twelve operating distilleries teaches visitors about its agricultural lifeblood—rum. Made directly from cane instead of molasses, the sweet amber liquid is uniquely Martiniquais

    A gorgeous stretch of golden sand on the undeveloped southern tip of the island, Les Salines is arguably Martinique’s most splendid beach. Beware the poisonous manchineel trees, which are usually marked in red. Any rainwater they drip can cause blistering and rashes.

  • French cuisine in the Caribbean

    La Paillotte Bleue in Le Diamant serves up classic French dishes with a distinct Caribbean twist, like Tropical Crème Brulée and Antillean Roasted Camembert.

    Le Plein Soleil has long attracted chic French vacationers with its modern Creole decor and creative cuisine. The latest techniques from France are used on local products, for deliciously innovative French and Creole fusion.

  • Sights on the island

    The Musée de la Pagerie is housed in the kitchen of the sugar estate where the future Empress Josephine—Napoleon’s first wife—was born. Though the rest of the house was destroyed by a hurricane, what remains is thoroughly fascinating. Displays include her childhood bed and Napoleon’s love letters to her. Visitors are also regaled with stories and interesting trivia about her life, like her marriage certificate was doctored to hide that she was in fact six years older than Bonaparte.

    Founded in 1932, the Musée Volcanologique offers insight into the 1902 eruption of Mont Pelée that destroyed St. Pierre, the island’s then-capital, killing all but one of its 28,000 residents. Visitors can tour the nearby ruins, which include the jail cell that held the sole survivor—a prison inmate.

Good to know before you go to Martinique

Important Travel Information

  • Airport in Martinique serviced by Air Transat


    Martinique’s official currency is the euro (EUR).

    Official Language

    Martinique’s official language is French, although many of its inhabitants also speak Antillean Creole.

    Things to remember

    Remember to pack sunblock and insect repellent.


    Visit the Public Health Agency of Canada website or ask your health professional about vaccination requirements.

  • Entry/exit requirements

    For more information about passport and visa requirements, visit the  Government of Canada travel website.

    Presence of Sargassum in Mexico and the Caribbean

    Depending on the weather conditions, winds and tides may bring large quantities of Sargassum to shore. Since seaweed moves with the ocean currents, quantities may vary by place and day. Transat would like to inform its clients that this natural phenomenon beyond its control affects several parts of Mexico and the Caribbean. Although the presence of this brown seaweed is greater than usual, our hotel partners are making every effort to clean the beaches when necessary.