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    Founded by the ancient Greeks in 600 BC, Marseille is not only France’s oldest city, but also arguably its loveliest.  Continue reading...

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New! Flights from Montreal to Marseille now available year-round!

Discover Marseille in a new light

Explore Marseille through the eyes of Nour M, an employee of Air Transat: an authentic testimony of an ambassador passionate about the Phocaean city.

"Marseille is a reconnection with the Mediterranean sweetness, perceivable in all seasons. The city is cosmopolitan, always bathed in sunlight, with its typical singing accent. The cuisine is a true explosion of flavors, evoking the sweetness of the south of France. Here is a list of must-do activities:"
  • "Ascend to the emblematic basilica of Notre-Dame de la Garde to admire the city from 360 degrees, avoiding mornings to steer clear of tourist buses. Rediscover the fine arts museum at Palais Longchamp or the Mucem, witnesses to Marseille's cultural richness."
  • Photo credit: Nour M.
  • "During the summer, enjoy the numerous beaches along Marseille's coast, notably the Calanques National Park. Sunsets are unforgettable from the Pharo Palace, Notre-Dame de la Garde, or the Vallon des Auffes. Experience the vibrant evenings of the Cours Julien district, a haven for artists and a meeting point for the people of Marseille."
Come visit Marseille, you won't leave without a head full of memories and an irresistible desire to return.

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