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Domestic flights within Canada

Find out about your fare options, such as cancellation and modification conditions and possible seat selection for all our flights from or to Canada.

  Conditions Eco Budget Eco Standard Eco Flex Club Class
Change fee per direction

Fee per person, per direction, plus difference in fare. No changes within 24 hours of departure.

Bookings made until October 8, 2019:
Modification Fees: Eco Budget: $100 CAD, $100 US, €80 / Eco Standard & Club Class: $50 CAD, $50 US, €40

No refund $100 Included in price $100
Cancellation fee per ticket Fee per person, per ticket (whether one-way or roundtrip). No refunds within 24 hours of departure.

Partial cancellation of the ticket: Passengers who wish to cancel only a portion of the ticket more than 24 hours prior to departure must cancel their return flight by paying the cancellation fees per person and then buy a one-way ticket. The conditions of the other portion of the flight will apply.
No refund $100 Included in price $100
Seat Selection Standard seat selection is offered in Eco Standard. Eco Flex lets you choose between a standard seat, front of cabin seat, two-by-two seat or seat with more legroom, depending on availability. From $10 Standard seat Any seat Included in price
Cabin No specific conditions apply Economy Economy Economy Club
Meal Selection No specific conditions apply Available with extra fees Available with extra fees Available with extra fees Included in price
Priority airport services Priority check-in, boarding, and baggage handling. Priority queue at security checkpoints for Club Class (exclusively to Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver, Glasgow, Manchester and London Gatwick airports) and Option Plus passengers (exclusively to Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver). Available with extra fees Available with extra fees Included in price Included in price
Checked bags included Baggage allowance varies by destination. See the Travel Information – Baggage section of our website for more details. Available with extra fees 1 2 2

Our Terms and Conditions changed on October 9, 2019. For any booking made before this date, please consult the details for the modification fees. If you make a change to your booking the new conditions will apply.

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