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Duty-free boutique

Flights to the South: Duty-free boutique available only online for pre-order before you fly
Flights to Europe: Duty-free boutique available only online for pre-order before you fly 

Travelling internationally? Shop duty-free and save 15% to 40% on the suggested retail price of various items, including chocolates, cosmetics, fragrances, jewellery and much more.

Inflight duty-free boutique

The inflight duty-free boutique is not currently available in order to limit handling and contact.

Duty-free shopping online

You can pre-order your favourites before you fly from our online boutique. Browse our wide selection of exclusive duty-free products and pre-order three to 21 days before departure.

Take advantage of our online pre-ordering service to: 

  • Ensure the product you want is available 
  • Have your duty-free purchase delivered to your seat during your flight 

Don’t want to carry your purchases with you throughout your trip? No problem, we will deliver them directly to your seat on your return flight. 

In addition to our duty-free boutique products, we have a fabulous selection of collectors’ items available exclusively through our pre-ordering service. 

For flights to Europe, you must pre-order your duty-free items, as on-board shopping is not available.

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