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Cheap flights from Glasgow to Calgary

Lowest fares by month

  • Oct 2021 - Apr 2022

    No flights available from Oct 2021 to Apr 2022

  • Flight from Glasgow to Calgary, May 2022 best price: £464, departure on 01/05/2022, return on 01/05/2022. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Glasgow to Calgary, June 2022 best price: £464, departure on 01/06/2022, return on 01/06/2022. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Glasgow to Calgary, July 2022 best price: £584, departure on 01/07/2022, return on 01/07/2022. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Glasgow to Calgary, August 2022 best price: £654, departure on 01/08/2022, return on 01/08/2022. Press enter to book.

  • Flight from Glasgow to Calgary, September 2022 best price: £584, departure on 01/09/2022, return on 01/09/2022. Press enter to book.

Useful information for your trip from Glasgow to Calgary

  • Average travel time
    ò 17h45
  • Eco Standard baggage allowance
    23 kg (51 lb)
  • Current temperature
  • Local time
    06:45 PM
  • Currency
    $ Canadian Dollar
  • Exchange rate
    1GBP = 1.71 CAD
    1CAD = 0.59 GBP

The baggage allowance indicated is included with packages (if applicable). Depending on the fare class booked, a supplement ($) may apply for flights only. Please refer to the Baggage section for more details.
Current temperature source: ©OpenWeatherMap

Things to do in Calgary

There’s always something to do in or around Calgary, whether it’s taking in the scenery in Banff National Park, or partying in the Calgary Stampede. Visit Calgary in Canada and experience a holiday you’ll never forget.

Not to be missed

  • In winter, go skiing in Banff National Park and experience the splendour of the Canadian Rockies.

  • In summer, take a dip in Lake Louise surrounded by Canada’s idyllic scenery.

  • Go rock climbing or caving in the mountains in Banff National Park.

  • Experience the party of a lifetime at the Calgary Stampede.

  • Join the home crowd as they go wild for the Calgary Flames playing ice hockey, Canada’s favourite sport.

  • See Calgary from a different angle, head up to the top of Calgary Tower and enjoy the view.

  • Explore the city and discover our world class shopping and nightlife.

  • Take the kids back in time at the Glenbow Museum and explore Canada’s history and art (open all year, except Mondays).

  • Get up close and personal with the wildlife at Calgary Zoo, Canada’s second biggest zoo (open all year).

Learn more about Calgary  Will open in a separate browser window in Alberta.

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