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Cayo Largo Vacations

Flights to Cayo Largo will not be offered during the 2021-2022 winter season.


Cayo Largo Travel Guide

  • The heaven for sun-worshippers!

    Cayo Largo’s only permanent residents are the birds and the iguanas. Cubans come to work at the island’s resorts, and tourists visit for the 20 km of white-sand beaches that stretch all the way around the island.

Explore Cayo Largo

  • The beach and the sea

    Cayo Largo is all about its 20 km of white-sand beaches. Playa Blanca is situated at the south end of the island and remains Cayo Largo’s most popular beach.

  • Good eats

    Most hotels have excellent menus featuring traditional Mexican fare, but Cuba is a place people can feel safe leaving the grounds to enjoy the local fare.

  • Getting there

    Vilo Acuna, Cayo Largo’s airport, is situated about two minutes from the resorts. Just one road connects the hotels to the airport and the village. To explore the island, a rented scooter is your best bet for discovering the more out of the way spots.

How to discover Cayo Largo with Transat

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