Air Transat unveils new inflight safety video

Montreal, April 3, 2018 – Air Transat is proud to present its new safety video, available as of today aboard all its flights. Created in partnership with studio Vallée Duhamel, the three-and-a-half-minute video plungesthe traveller in a playful universe, without losing sight of the main message—inflight safety procedures.

“Our brand mission, to brighten the everyday with the joy of vacations, is reflected throughout this video, with references to vacations in the South, Canada and Europe everywhere,” says Geneviève LeBrun, Vice-President of Marketing at Transat Tours Canada. “The renowned Vallée Duhamel studio was able to recreate an inflight atmosphere infused with vacation vibes, all in its signature style. Since inflight safety briefing is mandatory, we wanted to give it a unique, inspirational and fun touch to pique the passengers’interests.”

Air Transat's new safety video:

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