What to do in Canada ?

You’ve heard all the stereotypes. Canadians are hockey fanatics. We put maple syrup on everything. We’re sensational canoers. All true? Find out for yourself.

With our direct flights to Canada, fall for the boundless joie de vivre of Montreal, travel back in time in Quebec City, saddle up for the Wild West in Calgary, soak up the beauty of national parks galore in Edmonton, try to keep up with buzzing Toronto and sea food differently in Vancouver.

So what are you waiting for? Fly to Canada and finally resolve that great mystery: which city has the most polite Canadians?

What to do in Canada?

There are 1,001 things to do in Canada. Let us inspire you for your next trip! Find articles here highlighting our most charming Canadian destinations.

  • How to Spend the Holidays in Toronto

    Modern and multicultural, Toronto is North America’s fourth-largest city. Come the holiday season the city doesn’t sleep, and there is plenty to see, do, taste and buy! Here are some of the best experiences for your trip to Toronto this holiday season.
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  • A foodie road trip around Québec’s Île d’Orléans

    Île d’Orléans is an oblong island located in the middle of the St Laurent River about 30 minutes east of Quebec City. Because of its location, the island benefits from a microclimate that makes it ideal for agriculture.
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  • Must-see activities for your summer trip to Calgary

    One of Canada’s youngest, yet largest cities, Calgary is modern and vibrant. Situated within striking distance of the Rocky Mountains and the Alberta Badlands, it also has some of the best Canadian scenery on its doorstep.
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  • Top 6 things to do in autumn in Vancouver

    Vancouver is a beautiful city to visit at any time of year, autumn included. With stunning scenery on the doorstep of the city, there is plenty to see, do and most importantly enjoy, whether you are looking for city experiences or something in the great outdoors. Here are our top six activities to do in autumn in Vancouver.
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  • Road-Tripping Through Canada’s Natural Wonderland

    You don’t have to travel far from Canada’s largest cities to enjoy the
    country’s natural beauty. With these short road trips, escape the concrete
    jungle for the real jungle. Or at least a boreal forest. 
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