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Flight disruption: delay

If your flight is delayed more than two (2) hours in comparison to the originally scheduled departure time, we will provide you with meal vouchers and electronic means of communication (where available) and provided this treatment does not further delay the flight. Please note no meal voucher are provided for delays due to situations outside of Air Transat’s control. We will also provide regular updates to inform passengers of the reason and expected duration of the delay.

What to do when the flight is delayed overnight?
​If the delay is expected to extend to an overnight stay, we will pay for your overnight hotel stay and airport transfers.

What resources are available when the delay occurs on board the aircraft?
If the delay occurs on the tarmac after the doors of the aircraft are closed for take-off or after the flight has landed we will offer you drinks and snacks, accessible lavatories and proper cabin conditions, where it is safe to do so. If it is feasible, we will offer ways to communicate with people outside of the aircraft. If the delay exceeds three (3) hours and if conditions allow it, we will offer passengers the option of disembarking.

What are the steps to be followed by Air Transat, if a passenger cannot take the booked flight due to overbooking or cancellation resulting in a delay of 3 hours or more?
  1. We will transport you without stopover on our next flight on which space is available and in the same class of service as your original flight.
  2. If we are unable to provide reasonable alternative transportation on our services, we will arrange transportation on the services of other carriers with whom we have interline traffic agreements for such transportation. In such cases, you will be transported without stopover and at no additional cost to yourself in the same class of service as was the case on your original outbound flight with us.
  3. In the event that space on the other carrier is only available in a lower class of service than originally reserved, we will, at your option:
    • provide space to you at the lower class of service and refund the difference in fares, or
    • provide a full refund of the unused portion of the fare paid by you.
  4. If we are unable to provide reasonable alternative transportation on our services or on the services of a partner carrier(s), within nine hours of your original departure time, we will arrange transportation with another carrier offering reasonable air route services to your final destination and departing within 48hours of your original departure time..
  5. If no reasonable transportation can be arranged to accommodate your travel needs, you will be entitled to a refund of the unused portion of the ticket and when applicable, return transportation to your point of origin as indicated on the ticket, within a reasonable time at no additional cost.  You may also be entitled to compensation of $400.

When the flight disruption is within the carrier’s control and is not required for security purposes, you are entitled to claim the following compensation:

Between 3 and 6 hours: if your arrival at destination as indicated on the original ticket is delayed by three (3) hours or more, but less than six (6) hours; 400$ CA.
Between 6 and 9 hours: if your arrival at destination as indicated on the original ticket is delayed by six (6) hours or more, but less than nine (9) hours; 700$ CA.

More than 9 hours: if your arrival at destination as indicated on the original ticket is delayed by nine (9) hours or more; 1,000$ CA.

Passenger's rights against the Carrier in the event of an overbooking or a cancellation involving international carriage are, in most cases, governed by an international convention known as the Montreal Convention.
Article 19 of this Convention provides that an air carrier is liable for damages caused by delay in the carriage of passengers and cargo, unless such air carrier proves that it has done everything that could reasonably be expected to avoid such damages.
Therefore, each claim for compensation for flight disruption will be considered on a case-by-case basis in compliance with this legal standard.

European Union Air passenger rights

If you are denied boarding, your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least two hours, you may be entitled to certain standards of treatment and compensation under the European Union Air passenger rights, please consult European Union Air passenger rights.
If you need more information regarding long delay, please consult Long delay notice  Will open in a separate browser window.

How to make a claim?

In order to validate your eligibility and claim compensation for a flight disruption, you must submit a formal request through the form.

You can download a certificate of delay for insurance purposes, up to 120 days after your initial departure date.

Your claim must be received by Air Transat within one year of the date of the flight disruption. Air Transat will respond to your claim within a maximum of 30 days of the date of receipt of the submitted claim for flight disruption.
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