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Security and well-being

Air Transat strives to provide a safe and secure environment on board our aircraft for you, your fellow passengers and our crewmembers.

Entry requirements by destination

Before you travel, it’s important that you check the entry requirements of both your destination country and return country.

Traveller Care

We know that the pandemic has raised concerns about travelling. That’s why we created Transat’s Traveller Care, a program featuring enhanced health and safety measures at check-in, during boarding, on board and at destination

Informations about coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your safety is our top priority, which is why we are closely monitoring the progress of the coronavirus (COVID-19) through the updates issued by government authorities.

Mask policy

Learn more about the mask policy for Air Transat flights. 

Hotels offering COVID-19 screening test services

To help you comply with the new regulation requiring a COVID-19 negative test (PCR or LAMP) to travel to Canada, some of our hotel partners are now offering their clients COVID-19 testing services.


In this section, we outline types of behaviour that are considered disorderly and the related penalties imposed by law. See how Air Transat helps you and your loved ones stay safe on board.


Learn more about flying during pregnancy as some restrictions apply.


Sometimes, the best laid travel plans go awry. Consider purchasing Travel Insurance – you’ll be glad you did!

 The new safety video directed by Vallée Duhamel has been airing on Air Transat flights since April 1, 2018.