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  • Tasty tourism in France’s 3rd largest city

    With an airport named after Saint-Exupéry—Lyon’s most famous son—tourists can’t help but feel like princes among men in this sophisticated city. After all, France’s gastronomic capital has a reputation for encouraging visitors to eat like kings.

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  • Food

    For an authentic taste of the most delectable city in France, food lovers seek out one of Lyon’s 20 certified bouchons, small eateries serving up traditional fare like tripe, bone marrow and donkey snout. A favourite among foodies in the know is Le Poêlon d’Or.

    For dessert, sweet tooths are beckoned by the wall of liquid chocolate at Chokola, Sébastien Bouillet’s chocolaterie where candy bars are stacked like books in a well-stocked library.

  • Sights

    The unlikely birthplace of cinema, Lyon was home to history’s first filmmakers, Louis and Auguste Lumière. The Institut Lumière pays tribute to the early days of moviemaking, with original Lumière brothers’ films and their famous cinématographe—the world’s first movie camera—on display.

    The Musées Gadagne teaches visitors about local cultural history, from silk weaving to cinema and beyond. The second part of the museum houses an international collection of puppets, starring one of the city’s icons, Guignol.

  • Culture

    Once known for its silk production, Lyon is still crisscrossed with reminders of its rich textile history. The passage Thiaffait is one of many covered conduits known as traboules.

    These days the creative spirit continues here with the nickname the Village des Créateurs. Lined with local design boutiques like Morgan Kirch and Blue Mustach, it’s a hub for original fashion and design.

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