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  • Spain’s celebrated Costa del Sol

    Sun worshippers gladly fly to Málaga and its surrounding region for its golden sands and blue waters. Located on Spain’s celebrated Costa del Sol, the increasingly popular southern destination continues to grow with new hotels and resorts, making it a favourite among tourists looking for deluxe accommodations and breathtaking beaches

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  • Málaga: beach tourism

    Beaches are everywhere in Málaga. Those seeking a tucked-away urban retreat opt for La Misericordia, which offers a more intimate setting. Those looking for a happening scene flock to La Malagueta, a crowded favourite among locals.

  • Gastronomy

    In addition to its many fine beaches, resorts and activities, Málaga is also renowned for its delicious cuisine. Foodies will love the traditional pescaíto (fried platter of small fish and/or seafood) and the savoury tapeo, served in restaurants both casual and high-end. Interesting side note: “Málaga” is also the name of a sweet fortified wine, popularly served as a dessert libation.

  • Things to do in Málaga: a true travel hub

    Once in Málaga, visitors can easily travel to Grenada, Seville, Nerja or Frigiliana, as well as Córdoba, Ronda and Marabella, and even take a boat to visit Tangier in Morocco!

    In fact, from Málaga, travellers often explore the whole Andalusia region and southern coast of Spain, where they find a rich cultural experience, opulent monuments and an impressive architectural heritage.

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