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Plan your trip to British-Columbia

Flights to British-Columbia are easy to book with Air Transat. Before planning a trip, be sure to check the schedule below, as some routes may be seasonal.

Dublin Airport (DUB)

Vancouver, Whistler and Western Canada: your perfect holiday

One of the best features of western Canada is the weather: from Whistler’s mountains to the beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island, travellers are protected by the year-round mild climate and indulged with splendour in every direction—which is perhaps what makes Vancouver such an ideal destination. Other things to do in Vancouver include strolling through Stanley Park to check out the aquarium, and visiting local attractions like the Police Museum, or the Museum of Anthropology, which is part of the University of British Columbia.

Whistler Skiing

Ski and snowboard enthusiasts can enjoy a day on the slopes during the winter months by taking a cable car up to Grouse Mountain, known as the Peak of Vancouver, or taking the 2-hour journey to Whistler, a world-class ski resort. In the summer, locals and tourists alike find plenty of things to do in the mountains around Vancouver, such as hiking, bike riding, rafting and ziplining.

Vancouver beaches

For those who prefer more level ground, Vancouver Island, the largest island on the West Coast of North America, is well worth a visit. Action-seekers can indulge in scuba-diving and surfing, while others can relax on one of the island’s many sandy beaches or even go whale watching in Tofino on the island’s west side. A ferry system makes it easy to get to Vancouver Island from Vancouver, and there are plenty of local hotels to choose from for longer stays. 

A holiday in British Columbia can be different for everyone. Reserve a flight to Vancouver and get your Pacific coast adventure started.

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British-Columbia must-see destinations



One of the best features of Canada’s west side is the weather: from Whistler’s mountains to Vancouver Island, travellers are protected from the cold and pampered with gorgeousness in any direction they look—which is perhaps what makes Vancouver such an ideal destination, whatever the time of year.

More about Vancouver

Named the world’s third most liveable city and considered a true cyclist’s paradise, Vancouver is definitely doing something right. Discover the city by bike and learn more in our blog.

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The currency used in Canada is the Canadian dollar, often called the loonie in reference to the common loon pictured on the $1 coin. It’s best to exchange your money at your local bank before travelling, but you should have no trouble withdrawing cash from ATMs.


Canada is officially a bilingual country, though it’s rich and diverse culture mean that you will find several languages spoken there. French speakers are primarily concentrated in the east of the country, mainly in the province of Quebec, while Vancouver is located in British Columbia on the west coast where the majority of the population speak English as their first language.

Passports and visas:

For more information about passports and visa requirements, please refer to the Canadian Government website.

As of March 15, 2016, travellers looking to visit Canada will be required to fill out an application form (eTA). This document will be required when boarding a flight to Canada. For more details, please visit