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Family privileges

Families are very important to Air Transat. See how we make travel even more fun for you and your children.

Exclusive check-in counters

Where facilities permit (at Canadian gateways), designated check-in counters are available for families travelling with young children and unaccompanied minors. That means less time waiting in line!


Travelling alone with kids and feeling overwhelmed? Let us know during check-in, and we'll be happy to guide you to the boarding gate and direct you upon arrival at the destination airport. Porters are usually available for hire to assist with your checked baggage. To lighten the load for your little ones, we recommend transporting your kids’ toys in your own carry-on.

Do you want to hang on to your child’s stroller or car seat until boarding? No problem. Just let us know when you check in. 


With the exception of flights to the U.S., we are happy to offer pre-boarding for families travelling with young children.

Seat assignments for families

Families are a top priority at Air Transat. As the 2019 World’s Best Leisure Airline, we want to offer an enjoyable experience to families travelling with us. That’s why we provide free automated standard seat assignments for families on board our aircraft.

Standard seats are assigned for free to children aged 13 and under and their parents/guardians featured on the same family booking. These seats will be grouped together and assigned by the system. Only standard seats will be assigned, and these will be subject to availability. Standard seat assignments are generated by the system for families whose bookings include 5 passengers or less.

Families whose bookings include 6 or more passengers must call the Information and Seat Selection Centre at 1-877-TRANSAT no later than 24 hours before departure to receive free standard seat assignments.

Passengers can see their seat assignation on the « My booking» Will open in a separate browser window page, four days after the booking.

Stroller gate delivery service

Families can now bring their strollers to the boarding gate or the aircraft door at certain airports. At the boarding gate, Air Transat will ensure that strollers are properly tagged, collapsed, well packaged and then checked in. Upon arrival at destination, passengers will be able to recuperate their strollers at the aircraft door. Only small, fully collapsible and lightweight strollers may be taken right to the boarding gate and collected at the aircraft door upon deplaning.

Surprises will be given out on all our flights.

  • Headphones
  • Beach ball (aboard flights to the South)
  • Card game (aboard flights from the South)
  • Headphones
  • Activities booklet (aboard flights to Europe)
  • Card game (aboard flights from the Europe)

Travel tips

  • The right seat
    A window seat is ideal for children. Placing a pillow or blanket just under the window makes a comfortable place for your child to sleep. Ask your flight attendant about our Comfort Kit, available for only CA $9.99.
  • Seat selection
    Use our seat selection service to choose the best seat for your child.
  • Mommy, my ears hurt!
    To prevent earaches, give your child candy to suck on, or a bottle of water. If their ears hurt, try this trick: tell them to yawn. The benefits of pinching their nose are doubtful and we do not recommend it.
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