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Passenger Notification - Samsung Galaxy Note 7

For safety reasons on all flights, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices are strictly forbidden.  Such devices may not be transported at all, including in checked, carry on baggage or on one’s person.

Air Transat’s CinePlus app for inflight entertainment

12 June, 2015
Air Transat’s CinePlus app allows you to enjoy our inflight entertainment options, by accessing a selection of movies, TV series and music from your own tablet, smartphone (iOS and Android) or laptop.

Gatwick to Calgary direct return flight from £765pp

22 October, 2015
Air Transat, Canada’s leading leisure airline, has scheduled an extra flight to depart from London Gatwick on 22 December, 2015 and returning from Calgary on 4 January, 2016, in response to strong demand over the holiday period.