Online check-in

Online check-in is offered between 24 and 2 hours prior to departure for the airports listed in the drop-down menu.

ü  If your departure airport is listed, but online check-in is not available, you will need to check-in upon arrival at the airport.

All you need to know about online check-in:

Online check-in is offered between 24 and 2 hours prior to departure for passengers who have a booking or confirmation number departing on a flight operated by Air Transat (Flight numbers with a "TS" designator, ex.: TS123). At the airport you will be required to drop off your baggage at the Air Transat Check-in Counter or Self-Service Bag Drop.

Online check-in not available to passengers:
- Under the age of 18, and travelling alone from Rome, Venice and Lamezia, Italy
- Requiring special care (ex. unaccompanied minors)

​If you cannot access your online check-in, you can check in at the airport.

Baggage: register non-standard items

If you want to register non-standard items (strollers and baby equipment, mobility aids, medical equipment, sporting equipment) as checked baggage, please do not add these items to the total number of checked pieces during your online check-in. When you arrive at the airport, one of our agents will be pleased to assist you.
For more information about non-standard items click on the item below:


Lithium batteries

Lithium batteries are dangerous goods, much like gasoline, propane, and sulfuric acid.
Lithium batteries are used in many electronic devices such as cameras, cell phones, laptops and tablets, electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) and other personal vaporizers, drones, medical equipment and power tools.
When carried by passengers for personal use, lithium batteries must be carried in carryon baggage only.
While most lithium batteries are safe, some have overheated and caught fire. These fires are difficult to put out and produce toxic and irritating fumes.

To learn more about lithium batteries, watch this Transport Canada video.


Baggage drop off counter

Baggage drop-off counters close 60 minutes prior to departure time for international flights and 45 minutes prior to domestic flights. Please allow sufficient time for processing and security. If you are not travelling with checked baggage, go directly to the boarding gate before the boarding time indicated on your boarding pass.  Always check the airport monitors for updates.  

Passengers are responsible for obtaining valid travel documents (passport, visa or other required documents) that comply with the entry and exit requirements of any country visited. A passenger who does not hold the required travel documents may be denied boarding or entry into the country of destination. A valid passport is required for travel to all international destinations.

Travelling with a non-Canadian passport: In addition to a valid passport, travellers flying to Canada may need an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)  Will open in a separate browser window issued by the Government of Canada.

You can now apply for an eTA or check the passport requirements for your trip using our Travel and Visa Requirements tool.

Please note that Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit cards are not accepted when paying for extra bags in the online check-in process. However, we accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Air Transat passengers who check in online for their flights have the option to receive their boarding passes electronically on their mobile devices. This option is offered for most flights departing from the following cities: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Quebec City, Calgary, Ottawa, London, Hamilton, London (Gatwick), Manchester, Glasgow, Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Lyon, Toulouse, Athens, Rome, Lisbon, Porto, Cancun and Malaga.

Online check-in is not available for all Train + Air passengers flying from Europe to Canada. Please proceed to the Air Transat counter to check in.

You only need to check in for your first flight.

Check-in Comments
Air Transat If your first flight is with Air Transat, you must check in at the airline counter of your departure airport.
Porter Airlines If your first flight is with Porter Airlines, online check-in is available 24 hours to one hour before your flight.
Westjet If your first flight is with Westjet, online check-in is available 24 hours to one hour before your flight.


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