Inflight entertainment

Movies, TV shows and games at your fingertips

Choose from more than 200 options with our selection of inflight entertainment.

So catch up on your favourite TV series or watch that movie everyone’s talking about—while the little ones discover our kids’ content. It’s real world off, holiday on with our inflight entertainment!

Travelling soon?

Find out the type of aircraft you’ll be flying  Will open in a separate browser window on to see which entertainment system will be available on board. Here’s a peek at all our inflight entertainment options!

Our aircrafts have individual touch screens with a wide array of entertainment options for everyone, from classic movies to new releases to hit TV series. The screens also offer a wide choice of music, including an eclectic selection of channels and soothing videos designed to encourage meditation.

Please check the exceptions for aircrafts without touch screens.

Applies only to some of our A330-243 aircraft and all A321-200 aircrafts.

To make your journey more enjoyable, consider:

  • Charging your electronic devices before boarding
  • Bringing portable batteries if you plan to consume audiovisual content over several hours
  • Downloading content in advance
  • Bringing books or magazines.

Our inflight entertainment system features movies, TV shows and games for you to enjoy directly on your phone or tablet. No prior download is necessary.

After takeoff, follow these 3 easy steps: 

  1. Switch your tablet or smart phone to airplane mode. 
  2. Turn on your WiFi connection, and select Air Transat¹. 
    • On the Air Transat app, go to the entertainment section, and click on ''Access entertainment''. or  
    • Open your web browser², and go to airtransat.com

Note: Content may vary based on the update versions on your device. It’s compatible with the following platforms versions or higher: iOS 10, Android V5, OS X 10.10 and Windows 8. ¹Only our inflight entertainment is available on this WiFi network. It is not possible to browse the Internet. ²Such as Safari, Firefox or Google Chrome. Not compatible with certain browsers, such as Explorer. This inflight entertainment has both English and French content.

Accessible inflight entertainment

We offer accessible inflight entertainment on our flights, by providing accessible Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) for use onboard.

These devices provide entertainment content with descriptive audio and closed captions to assist customers who are blind, have low vision, who are deaf or hearing impaired who wish to benefit from our in-flight entertainment.

Should you wish to use this service on your upcoming flight, please note that advance booking is necessary at least 48 hours before your departure. You can either get in touch with our Contact Centre or you may simply fill out this form to make a request for use of an accessible device.