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    Located on a thin peninsula in the province of Matanzas and home to many of Cuba’s biggest resorts.  Continue reading...

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    •  The longest beach in Cuba, Varadero spans over 20 kilometers of white sandy shoreline. This extensive stretch of beach provides visitors with ample space to relax and enjoy the coastline.
    •  The Hotel Internacional is known for its interesting history. Built in the 1950s, this hotel was frequented by personalities like Winston Churchill. It is said that the notorious gangster Al Capone used to frequent the hotel, and there was a suite specially designed for him.
    •  When Fidel Castro came to power in 1959, one of the first things he banned was the game of Monopoly! That's right, no more passing Go and collecting $200. Every family owning a set was even required to destroy it. For vintage enthusiasts, there might still be some in old trunks in basements or attics.

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