Flights to Belgium

  • For such a tiny country, Belgium has contributed much to the world: the first casino, the concept and word “spa”, Tintin, and artist extraordinaire Stromae! Looking at a Belgium map, it is possible to understand why it might be overlooked by tourists, as it is wedged between Europe vacation giants of the likes of France, Germany, and the Netherlands. However, Belgium cities are worth the visit as they truly represent quintessential Europe: modern yet rich in history and diversity! Worried about Belgium languages? Did you know that Belgium is a trilingual country? Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north, French-speaking Wallonia to the South, and a smaller German-speaking community to the east. The Brussels-Capital Region is officially bilingual in French and Dutch, though mostly French, and most people also speak English.

  • Belgium has no shortage of art, culture, architecture, and culinary wonders. Granted, you could land at Brussels airport and spend your entire Belgian vacation in the city of Brussels walking through the medieval streets, admiring the intricate buildings and grandiose squares, and visiting unique museums such as the Belgian Comic Strip Center. What’s better? Knowing that a smooth beer, Belgium chocolates, mouth-watering waffles, or the best French fries are always available around the corner! Belgium is an easily traversed country by rail or car. Some formidable day trips to other cities in Belgium from Brussels include Bruges, where you can admire the Gothic architecture from a unique perspective: a canal cruise! Ghent, another canal-laced city, has more protected buildings than any Belgium city, including its jewel, the fortress of Gravensteen. For first-class shopping and medieval castles, make sure to visit the urban center of Antwerp. The Central train station alone is worth the detour as it is easily one of the most colorful and picturesque railway stations in all of Europe! Make another indispensable day trip and stay along the Belgian coast for a relaxing beach vacation in Belgium. Spend the day gazing at the North Sea or embark on Europe’s longest tram line along the coast, going from the Netherlands to France, with several stops along the way! Time up your sleeve? Consider crossing the border by rail for day trips from Brussels to Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and neighboring countries or simply stay put in beautiful Belgium!