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Practical guide in preparation for your trip

Entry requirements by destination

Check your travel requirements in just one click!

To do this, simply fill in the fields below. For a round-trip flight, be sure to take note of the applicable measures for your return as well.

  Novità!  Utilizzando il nostro strumento sottostante, è ora possibile:

  • Richiedere un visto elettronico (eTA, ESTA, ecc.) nella sezione "Requisiti per il visto".
  • Verificare la validità del passaporto nella sezione "Documenti richiesti".

This tool consolidates pertinent information about the main travel requirements of our destinations, for reference purposes. Although updated regularly, the information may be incomplete and hence not sufficiently accurate. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure compliance with all travel requirements by regularly checking the relevant government websites for the latest information. We also invite you to read the legal notice.

Other helpful resources

Here are some other reliable sources of information that you might find useful:

Legal notice: Our tool provides information on the entry requirements of your destination country as a guide only. The information provided by this tool does not substitute the information provided by the government and other relevant authorities. As the consequences of COVID-19 continue to evolve and the government guidelines of the various countries change rapidly, we strongly recommend that you verify the entry requirements applicable to your destination and personal situation before travelling (types of vaccines accepted, tests to be performed before departure or upon arrival, quarantine to be respected, etc.) by regularly consulting the Canadian government website and the official website of the destination and/or transit country.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you and any person (including children) travelling with you have the necessary valid travel documents (such as passport, visa, vaccination certificate, travel exemption, insurance certificate, etc.) to enter, transit or exit all countries or regions on your itinerary, as well as to enter or exit Canada; and to verify the requirements and obligations that you or any person travelling with you may have (such as quarantine, testing or other) to enter, transit through or exit all countries or regions of your itinerary, as well as to enter or exit Canada.

Air Transat is not responsible for the completeness or accuracy of the information provided by this tool. Air Transat is not responsible for any assistance or information provided here or by its employees or agents regarding entry or transit requirements or compliance with laws, whether such assistance or information is provided verbally, in writing or by any other means. Air Transat is also not responsible for any consequences of any kind (damages, losses, costs, expenses, etc.) suffered by any customer who does not have the required documents and does not comply with the applicable laws, whether resulting from the information provided on this page or its use.

Air Transat or the appropriate authorities may deny you boarding if you do not have the required documents, without recourse or possibility of reimbursement. You may also be refused entry into a country even though you have the required travel documents.

The final decision on whether to enter or transit a country rests with the government and officials of the country to which you are travelling. We therefore recommend that you consult the IATA Travel Centre before your trip.