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Atmosphere - Your inflight magazine

Atmosphere is a biannual and bilingual travel magazine on board Air Transat flights. It features everything from travel stories at our favourite destinations to mouth-watering food chronicles to must-dos on vacation to kid-friendly activities.

We’ve trekked through the jungles of Costa Rica with family. We’ve embarked on budget-friendly tours of London. We’ve soaked up culture in Cartagena. All to show you the joy we feel on vacation and how it brings out the best in us.

So that by the time you finish reading our magazine on your way to one destination, you’re already planning your holiday to another.

  • November 2019-April 2020 edition

    In this issue of Atmosphere, we take you inside festive, haunted, hungry and outdoorsy New Orleans, and offer you loads of popular—and insider—tips on what to do, what to see, what to eat and even which ghosts to watch out for. Don’t leave without trying the beignets!

    Then take that sweet tooth over to our article “Will Travel for Chocolate” and discover destinations that’ll show you how you can do more with cacao than just eat it. Of course, you’ll find Switzerland in there. After all, they are famous for their chocolates. Just like the French are known for their berets, and the Italian… for their romantic ways? Uncover the truth behind these and other popular cultural clichés.

    We also offer you all sorts of other inspiration, from how to buy a kilt in Scotland to how to explore the world solo to how to take that perfect Instagram vacation pic. Like!

    And, in honour of the moon landing’s 50th anniversary, we ask Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield your kids’ most out-of-this-world questions. Has he seen an alien? Find out!

    Read this edition of Atmosphere online.
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Featured articles

Now also available on our Experience Transat blog. Happy reading!

  • Unmasking
    New Orleans

    From ghosts to gumbo to gators, we peer behind the beaded curtains of this mythical city.

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  • Instagram all’italiana

    The Bachelor alum Vanessa Grimaldi reveals her secrets for that perfect Instagram photo while holidaying in Puglia, Italy.

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  • Kilty Pleasures

    One man’s love of Scotland drives him mad for plaid. Will he find the perfect kilt in Edinburgh?

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  • Around the World in 21 Years

    In July 2019, Lexie Alford became the youngest person to explore all 196 countries. Discover some of her solo travel confessions.

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