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This section contains everything you need to know about baggage claims with Air Transat.

If your baggage is lost or delayed
  • Complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with an Air Transat agent upon arrival.
  • All information gathered will be entered into the WorldTracer Baggage tracing system.
  • Our local representative will keep you informed during your stay at your destination.
  • Track progress online via WorldTracer Baggage tracing system with your reference number from your PIR.

Once your baggage is located, every effort will be made to deliver it to you in a secure manner and as quickly as possible.

To file a claim

Please submit the following documents to the address on the right:

  • The original PIR/report
  • A copy of your E-ticket
  • Any applicable receipts
  • Any other relevant supporting documentation
  • A brief overview of the situation including any details of which we should be aware
Deadline for inquiries
For delayed baggage

Please make your inquiry no later than 21 days from the date your baggage was returned to you.

For lost baggage

Please make your inquiry within 30 days from the date the baggage should have been delivered.

If your baggage is damaged
  • Complete a Property Irregularity Report (PIR) with an Air Transat agent.
    • If a PIR is not completed upon your arrival, your claim must be submitted in writing to Air Transat within 7 days from the date of receipt of the baggage, accompanied by a copy of your E-ticket.
  • Keep the damaged bag, even if you think it is beyond repair.
  • You will be informed of the name and address of a baggage repair shop, as close as possible to your residence or temporary address.
  • You have 45 days from the date that your claim was made to present your baggage for repairs.
  • Please take your damaged baggage along with the original PIR to the supplier mentioned at the bottom of the completed report. The supplier will bill Air Transat directly.
To file a claim

Please submit the following documents to the address on the right:

  • The original PIR/report
  • A copy of your E-ticket
  • A written claim
  • A complete and detailed list of damaged items with their individual value (proof of purchase may be required) and approximate date of purchase

Items left behind in the passenger cabin of our aircraft are given to the Air Transat Baggage Services Department in your airport of arrival. For items left on board a flight operated by another airline, please contact the airline directly.

Our Central Baggage Department can assist you with contact information.

Items left behind in the airport of departure are given to that Airport’s Lost & Found department.

  • Air Transat is unable to accept baggage transferred from another airline, nor can we transfer it to another airline.
  • To ensure your baggage travels with you, please present all of your checked baggage to us at your airport of departure.
  • Air Transat cannot assume responsibility for any baggage that is not presented at our check-in counter.
  • The following items declared or found in checked baggage shall be subject to removal prior to the baggage in question being accepted for carriage by the Carrier:
    • medication
    • medical devices
    • money
    • jewellery
    • silverware
    • electronics
    • laptop computers
    • personal audio/video devices
    • negotiable documents
    • securities
    • samples of business documents or other valuables (other than articles of clothing) shall not be accepted as checked baggage.
  • The Carrier shall not be liable for damage to fragile, valuable or perishable items where such damage is the result of the inherent defect, quality or vice of the item in question.
  • Unsuitably or inadequately packed items will be accepted at the Carrier’s discretion and, where accepted, compensation may be denied as a result of the aforementioned factors. The Carrier assumes no liability for the delay in delivery of any perishable items accepted as checked baggage.

For international flights: We will treat all lost/damaged baggage claims in accordance with the provisions of the Montreal Convention and its amendments.

For domestic flights: We will treat all lost/damaged claims in accordance with the Air Transat Domestic Tariff Norms (available upon request).

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