Trams Offer a Fresh Way to Explore Prague

Katie Matthews By Katie Matthews / 14 August 2015

Trams Offer a Fresh Way to Explore Prague

Katie Matthews By Katie Matthews

There’s no better way to explore and experience Prague than by jumping on the tram.

Safe, efficient, and covering most of the city, the trams play a key role in the lives of Prague’s local citizens, and are as great for people watching as they are for sightseeing.

Buy a day pass for 110kc (approximately $5.60 Canadian), and hop on one of these routes to experience some of the best tram rides in Prague.

Tram #17

Locals know Tram #17 offers one of the most beautiful self-guided tours of Prague. Running along the Vltava, it’s colloquially known as the river view tram, offering picture-perfect scenery for almost the whole ride.

  • Start by taking Metro Line C (red) to Nádraží Holešovice and then transfer to Tram 17, going 1 stop in the direction of Sídliště Ďáblice to Trojská, the official starting point of this itinerary.
  • Visit the nearby Troja Chateau, a baroque palace built in the late 1600s with an impressive exterior staircase, sculptures and ornate interior, before returning to the tram.
  • Backtrack one stop before continuing on in the direction of Modrany (South). If possible, try to get a seat on the left, as it will offer the best views of the river.
  • At Čechův Most, jump off to catch a nice view looking up at Prague Castle and Malá Strana before re-boarding the tram, this time sitting on the right.
  • After passing the National Theatre – which is easy to recognize by its ornate, gold roof – the tram will follow a long, straight stretch along the river, offering picturesque views of the bright, pastel riverfront buildings that are typical in Prague.
  • At Podolska Vodarna, get off the tram and walk back in the direction you came from, looking up as you approach the tunnel to see the Vyšehrad
  • After walking through the tunnel, stay to the left and follow the ramp down to the Náplavka river walk. In the spring and summer, the area fills up with people sitting at sidewalk tables or on the moored barges to enjoy cheap Czech pilsner and sausages.
  • If you start this itinerary mid-afternoon, you’ll arrive down at Náplavka just as locals are getting into the swing of an evening on the river!

Stops on Tram #17:

Trojská – Troja Chateau

Nádraží Holešovice – Výstaviště exhibition grounds, including the Art Nouveau Industrial Palace and the Lapidarium sculpture museum

Čechův Most – A bridge with art nouveau statues and nice views of Prague Castle and Malá Strana

Národní Divadlo – The National Theatre, and nice views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

Podolska Vodarna – An interesting view looking up at Vyšehrad

Právnická Fakulta to Karlovy Lázně – The Rudolfinum and Charles Bridge

Pass in front of the Rudolfinum building on your tramway tour of Prague
Photo Credits: Katie Matthews

Jiráskovo Náměstí – The Dancing House

The dancing house get to be seen in the tramway, Prague
Photo Credits: Katie Matthews

Tram # 22

If Tram #17 offers the prettiest ride around Prague, Tram #22 is the most convenient for tourists. While it may be known locally as the ‘tourist tram,’ that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a few secrets.

  • Start at Újezd, visiting the elegant Café Savoy (Vítězná 5) for coffee and pastries, before heading to the base of Petřínské Sady park, where you’ll see a moving memorial to the victims of communism in the form of several emaciated statues. If you have the time, take the funicular up to the top of Petřín Hill for nice views of the city, before returning to ground level to begin the journey.
  • From Újezd, take Tram 22 toward Bílá Hora, enjoying the view as it snakes through Malá Strana, before you get off at Brusnice.
  • Cross the street and continue walking in the same direction as the tram to a small park, veering to the left until you come to the top of a set of stairs. Enjoy the view before walking down to Nový Svět, a pretty area that looks like a quaint Czech village!
  • Feel free to wander through Nový Svět to Prague Castle, and then up the hill to the Strahovský Kláštermonastery, meeting up with Tram 22 at Pohořelec and this time going back in the direction of Nádraží Hostivař.
  • Enjoy nice views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle from Národní Divadlo, re-fuel with coffee from Anonymous Coffee at I.P. Pavlova (Jugoslávská 15), or finish the tour at Náměstí Míru, grabbing a beer on the square at Vinohradský Parlament (Korunní 1).
  • If you’re feeling adventurous, continue to Krymská, the heart of hipster Prague, for a beer at Café V Lese (Krymská 12) or BASEMENT Bar (Voroněžská 240/2).

Stops on Tram #22:

Újezd – Café Savoy, Memorial to the Victims of Communism, and the Funicular to the top of Petřín Hill

Brusnice – The quaint Nový Svět area, and access to Prague Castle

Pohořelec – The Strahov Monastery, which has a beautiful library

Národní Divadlo – The National Theatre and nice views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle

I.P. Pavlova – Anonymous Coffee

Náměstí Míru – Nice restaurants and pubs, including Vinohradský Parlament

Krymská – The heart of hipster Prague, best in the evenings and at night.

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Feature Photo Credits: Katie Matthews

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