Our Top Travel Destinations for 2018

Mayssam Samaha By Mayssam Samaha / 21 March 2018

Our Top Travel Destinations for 2018

Mayssam Samaha By Mayssam Samaha

Now that 2018 is well started and you’re probably planning your trips for the year, where are some of the absolute musts for this year, the new and hot destinations that one must absolutely visit? We’ve compiled a list of 10 such places. Read through and make your reservations.


Malta is an island off the coast of Sicily that is often overlooked. The colourful island is located in the middle of the Mediterranean and has a fascinating history of invasions, conquests and epic battles that have shaped its current culture. There you’ll find fortresses, catacombs, ruins and more historical evidence of its past but also a warm people, gorgeous cliffs and beaches and a food culture that is a mélange of Italian and Middle Eastern centuries in the making.


Forget overcrowded Tuscany and the Amalfi coast and head to some of the Italy’s more quiet spots, like Puglia and its gorgeous white town and olive groves, Umbria with its history and delightful food or Basilicata with its charming villages and beautiful beaches. A day or two spent in Rome on your way in or out of the country is also always a good idea.

Photo credit: Laura Rinke under Creative Commons CC2.0


Does it seem like everyone you know has travelled to Portugal in the past year? There’s a reason for that: Portugal is gorgeous! It’s been underrated for a long time and people have preferred to visit its neighbor Spain but it’s starting to cash in on its charm, of which it has tons! Lisbon and its winding streets, hilltops, great restaurant scene, culture and museums is always nice to visit but the rest of the country is just as charming. Whether you’re a wine aficionado, a vacationer looking for the best beaches or an adventurer looking for great landscape, Portugal has all of that and then some.


We know what you’re thinking, Cuba, a hot and new destination? Well, yes and no. Hot and new because of all the improvements brought to the country and all the investments that have been injected in it in the past year or so. New hotels, restaurants and bars are now a part of every day life, especially in Havana. So yes, Cuba is worth visiting again, perhaps as part of a road trip across the country or exploring part of it.

South Africa

It seems so far away but once you visit, you’ll want to go back again and again. South Africa has had a tumultuous history to say the least, which is largely why it wasn’t on many people’s bucket lists for so long. All that has changed and it’s time to go! There you’ll find Kruger national Park, one of the best natural reserves and safari parks in Africa. You’ll also find a breathtaking coast, a gorgeous wine region reminiscent of Tuscany or the south of France, a world-class gastronomy culture and more.


Always overlooked in favour of England, its neighbor to the east, Ireland is having a moment right now. Dublin is a world-class city worth visiting for its plethora of culture including its castle, cathedral and many museums. It’s also definitely worth getting out of Dublin to explore Ireland’s countryside. The famous “Emerald Isle” is known for its lush green hills, which might be a cliché but are in reality truly impressive! The countryside is dotted with medieval castles and the wild Atlantic coast is a sight to be experienced.

Photo credit: Erik Christensen, Porkeri under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

Faroe Islands

Denmark and its capital Copenhagen have been on everyone’s bucket list for a few years. The Faroe Islands are located between Iceland and Norway but belong to Denmark. Their lunar volcanic landscapes are a dreamy holiday spot for nature lovers and adventure seekers.


None of nature’s devastating shenanigans can keep the Haitian people’s spirits down. Although Haïti is still recovering from the devastating 2010 earthquake, its people are ready to welcome you with their warmth and joie de vivre. Make your way to the Caribbean island and enjoy its natural beauty that include beautiful waterfalls, lush vegetation, majestic mountains, pristine beaches, historic citadels and palaces and so much more.

Photo credit: med-nunn under Creative Commons CC2.0


As in, Alberta, Canada. If you’re a nature lover, there’s no better place to visit than Alberta. The Canadian province has been blessed with numerous mountain ranges including the majestic and incomparable Canadian Rockies, over 600 lakes including Lake Louise, prairies, forests and more nature than anyone knows what to do with. Alberta’s capital Edmonton is also a lovely city. The Royal Alberta Museum is opening there in 2018 and it just carved itself a spot on enRoute magazine’s Canada Best New Restaurants list for the most restaurants in the 2017 top 10.


Colombia might have had a tumultuous past but it has since cleaned up its act and living it up as a hot destination to visit. The beautiful country is located at the very top of the South American continent and is rich in many natural wonders such as lush tropical forests, gushing rivers, natural reserves, beautiful coasts, coffee plantations and mountains galore. Explore its main cities like bustling Bogota, romantic Cartagena, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and Medellin, once dubbed the most dangerous city in the world and now a quiet, bucolic town.

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