To Really See Prague, Go Where The Locals Go

Avatar By Cedric Lizotte / 08 April 2017

To Really See Prague, Go Where The Locals Go

Avatar By Cedric Lizotte

It’s a well-established fact that Prague should be on every traveller’s list of dream destinations, and we needn’t waste our time explaining why. What we’ll do is take you through five different neighbourhoods in the city, Žižkov, Karlín, Vršovice, Vinohrady and Vyšehrad. We’ll tell you the best places to have a meal, get a cup of coffee, or just go out for a drink.

Because to really visit Prague, you have to go where the locals really live and play!

Žižkov TV Tower in Prague, Czech Republic
Photo credit: David Sedlecký under CC BY-SA 3.0

Prague With The Locals


Žižkov used to be the “working class” neighbourhood. It’s now been gentrified and it’s become very fashionable. It’s now considered to be the hub of Prague’s nightlife.

It’s reported that Žižkov has more bars per kilometre than anywhere else in the world, at 300 bars within 5 square kilometres.

But it’s not only bars and nightlife. We cannot talk about Žižkov without mentioning Riegrovy Sady Park. It’s located on a hill, from there you get a lovely view of the city. It’s a great place to walk around or sunbathe, but the best part is the outdoor pub, Riegrovy Sady Beer Garden, which seats a thousand people and is frequented by the locals and tourists all summer long. It’s Prague’s not-so-secret happy place.

Restaurant suggestion in Žižkov: Oblaca Restaurant

Come to Oblaca Restaurant for modern Czech dishes and a fantastic view of the city.

Address: Mahlerovy sady 1

Café suggestion in Žižkov: Café Pavlac

Locals call the coffee in Café Pavlac the best in Žižkov.

Address: Víta Nejedlého 23

Bar suggestion in Žižkov: Bajkazyl

How can you choose the best bar among 3000 in Žižkov? Our tip: try a few! Also, to drink like a local, order a glass of Únetické Pivo 12°: it’s brewed right outside of town.

Address: Náplavka, Rašínovo nábřeží


Karlin Church in Prague, Czech Republic
Photo credit: Asurnipal under CC BY-SA 4.0

Lots of hip spots have opened in Karlín of late, but in the 80’s and early 90’s the neighbourhood was a rough place to live, especially because of the presence of Neo-Nazis and a high drug and crime rate.

In 2002 terrible floods brought serious damage to Karlín, and the rebuilding has been phenomenal.  Lately there’s been a building boom, and though rental prices are soaring, this district has a wonderful local feel.

Restaurant suggestion in Karlín: Krystal Mozaika Bistro

Authentic meat-lovers Czech cuisine, and then unbelievably buttery fruit dumplings for dessert. Trust us.

Address: Sokolovská 99

Café suggestion in Karlín: Muj salek kavy

The coffee and the whole breakfast menu are quite famous!

Address: Křižíkova 105, Prague 8

Bar suggestion in Karlín: Pivovarsky Club

A carefully curated selection of almost 300 local and imported beers, in addition to the six they have on tap.

Address: Křižíkova 17

Krymska in Prague, Czech Republic
Photo credit: Petr Vilgus via Creative Commons under CC BY-SA 3.0


If Žižkov is fashionable and cool, then Vršovice is the “hipster” neighbourhood. Vršovice is where things happen. Its pubs have a unique vibe, an underground feel that draws intellectuals and artists from all over the place.

When in Vršovice you must go to Krymska Street, where you’ll find Café Sladkovský. Its founder, Kateřina McCreary, converted an old home into one of the most fun hipster bars in all of Eastern Europe, with its Art Nouveau feel and black and white photos on the wall. Café Sladkovský is where you’ll most likely run into Prague’s living legends from the intellectual crowd of Prague. Oh, and the burgers are pretty good too!

Restaurant suggestion in Vršovice: Cafe Sladkovský

Need we say anything more?

Address: Sevastopolská 17

Cafe suggestion in Vršovice: Coffee House

A ‘third-wave’ roaster that’s locally based.

Address: Francouzská 100/312

Bar suggestion in Vršovice: InCider Bar

More varieties of cider than you’ve ever dreamed of.

Address: Krymská 440/26 (Kodaňská)

Square IP Pavlova in Prague, Czech Republic
Photo credit: ŠJů, Wikimedia Commons under CC BY-SA 3.0


Once again, if Žižkov is the fashionable district, and Vršovice is hipster, then Vinohrady is “yuppie”. In Czech, Vinorhady means “vineyards”, which is a good a reason as any to come and visit. There are a few places to sample the local Czech wines. And U Sadu has to be on the top of the list, too!

Restaurant suggestion in Vinorhady: U Sadu

It’s a cool little pub, with plenty of beers and a nice patio outside in the summer. Not to be confused with « Usudu », the spectacular wine bar built in underground caves that’s located a few blocks down in the Nové Město neighbourhood!

Address: Škroupovo nám. 5

Café suggestion in Vinorhady: MamaCoffee

The Mama of Prague’s cafes, a roastery that serves ethically sourced coffee.

Address: Londýnská 122/49

Bar suggestion in Vinorhady: Vinorhadsky Pivovar

Vinorhady’s own brewery serving classic Czech pub specialities.

Address: Korunní 106

Vyhserad in Prague, Czech Republic
Photo credit: Cedric Lizotte


You cannot miss Vyšehrad, as this is where Prague was born. It’s got a rich history you won’t find anywhere else, and so you must visit the fortress, the wonderfully renovated cathedral and the open-air summertime pub in the park, which is also located on the grounds of the fortress.

Restaurant suggestion in Vyšehrad: Spajz restaurant

Bohemian cuisine at its finest.

Address: Vratislavova 1/21

Cafe suggestion in Vyšehrad: Kavárna Cekárna

Where to go for coffee after visiting the fortress.

Address: Vratislavova 30/8

Bar suggestion in Vyšehrad: Na Hradbach

That summertime open-air pub we were telling you about.

Address: V Pevnosti 16/2

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Cover photo credit: Cedric Lizotte

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