Quiz: What Type of Traveller Are You?

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Quiz: What Type of Traveller Are You?

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Canadians listen to them every morning on the hit radio show The Roz & Mocha Show. But you know what they say: you don’t really know someone until you’ve travelled with them. So we asked Roz Weston and Mocha Frap to take our travel quiz to get a peek at their vacation selves. See how they did and play along to “What type of traveller are you?”.

1. What’s the first thing you do when you arrive at your destination?

A: Make a beeline for the beach

B: Get a drink because it’s happy hour somewhere in the world

C: Snapchat yourself checking in

D: Explore your neighbourhood

E:Set off to climb an active volcano

ROZ : B. Get a drink. Even if I’m checking in at 11 a.m…. No, especially if I’m checking in at 11 a.m.! I go to the bar, get a beer and walk around. I love going to the Caribbean and only drinking local beer. Presidente beer in the Dominican Republic is one of my favourites.

MOCHA : C. Take pictures for social media because if it’s not on social media, then it didn’t happen. Then I make my way to the beach.

2. What’s your favourite type of food on vacation?


B: Rum

C: Rainbow-coloured foods for the perfect Instagram photo

D: Local specialties

E: Energy bars for that seven-hour hike

MOCHA : D. In Spain, I had seafood paella and really enjoyed that. So I may try local specialties I’ve never had before. But absolutely no insects.

ROZ : D. I love authentic food. If I’m in Playa del Carmen, I’ll leave the resort and go find a $1.50 taco stand. If I’m in London, I love sitting in a pub and having fish and chips or shepherd’s pie.

3. What song are you most likely to listen to on vacation?

A: Kokomo, The Beach Boys

B: Party Rock Anthem, LMFAO

C: #Selfie, The Chainsmokers

D: Anything by local artists

E: Free Fallin’, Tom Petty

MOCHA : B. “Party Rock Anthem.” I like to listen to party music but without having to go to the club, because I want to be completely lazy on the beach.

ROZ : D. Anything by local artists. I love Caribbean music—reggae in Jamaica, mariachi in Mexico. Or “Free Fallin’,” as in free-falling into nothing, which is what I love doing most.

4. What are you wearing on most days?

A: Swimwear

B: A name tag, with your hotel address on it

C: Your phone and charger

D: An outfit woven by a local tribe  in Panama

E: Hiking  boots

ROZ : A. A bathing suit. I have more Speedos than anybody I know.

MOCHA : A. A bathing suit. I’m all board shorts. I’d never try an au naturel beach—nobody needs to see that.

5. What’s your idea of getting off the beaten path?

A: Find a secluded cove

B: Go on a wine-tasting tour

C: Stumble into a non-WiFi zone… accidentally

D: Visit a remote village

E: Dive in a secret cave the locals told you about

ROZ : A. Find a secluded cove. But I also love to do something only the locals would do. When we were in Guadalajara, some locals drove us to this decrepit, old warehouse in the middle of nowhere at 11:30 at night. Inside was a boxing ring and chairs set up around it—it was the local Friday night boxing match. A guy gave us cups of raw corn sprinkled with lemon, cayenne pepper and salt, and we stayed until 2 a.m. watching these amazing boxers fight all night.

MOCHA : E. Dive in a secret cave the locals told you about because it combines adventure with the thrill of discovery. When we were in Spain, we found a little town called Begur north of Barcelona and loved to discover all its small coves and restaurants popular only with the locals.

6. On vacation, you’re ashamed to say that you’ve secretly…

A: Snuck into another hotel’s pool

B: Drank a virgin piña colada because, even though it’s B happy hour somewhere in the world, it’s still 9 a.m. here

C: Checked in somewhere cool on Facebook even though you never actually went there

D: Stuffed into your suitcase anything in your hotel room  that’s not nailed down

E: Lied about swimming with a shark

MOCHA : D. I’ll take the shampoo, conditioner, hand lotion, paper pad and even the pen with the hotel name on it. I do this right away because I know that, later in the day, they’ll replenish all that stuff.

ROZ : A. Have I used another resort’s pool? Sure. Am I ashamed? No. If you wake up and have a beer at 9 a.m., I don’t think you should be ashamed of that either. I think all these things are what make a vacation great: breaking all the rules that you have in your life back home. That’s why I love going on vacation!


 If you answered mostly A’s, you’re a beach bum.

You won’t stray too far from the beach, except to go to that other beach that looks suspiciously like the first beach. And why would you? With beach bars, beach restaurants and seashells galore for all your souvenirs, there’s really no need to ditch the beach.

If you answered mostly B’s, you’re a partier.

You love imbibing the local culture by imbibing the local drinks. You want to know where all the hot clubs are and will latch on to that one dance song that will forever trigger wild “Remember this song?” outbursts when you hear it at a club months later back home.

If you answered mostly C’s, you’re obsessed with social media.

Your travel must-dos and must-eats revolve around what you think will garner the most likes. But while you were taking that selfie in the jungle, you missed a barrel of monkeys behind you. And there’s nothing more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

If you answered mostly D’s, you’re a culture collector.

You love to amass unique cultural experiences and casually trot them out during conversation. You also somehow pick up a British accent after only two weeks in London.

If you answered mostly E’s, you’re an adventurer.

If you can hike it, dive off it or plunge into it, you will. You probably already stopped reading this and are paragliding as we speak.

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Article by Line Abrahamian originally published in the May-October 2018 edition of the Atmosphere magazine. Read the latest edition here.

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