Picture This: Tips on Snapping Amazing Vacation Photos

airtransat By airtransat / 19 May 2020

Picture This: Tips on Snapping Amazing Vacation Photos

airtransat By airtransat

Our photographer reveals tips on snapping amazing vacation photos.

Find the light

Sunset in Belize
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

The best times to catch good light is just after sunrise and before sunset, called the golden hour. It creates warm yellow and orange hues and casts long shadows. Avoid shooting at noon, the light is at its harshest. Another good time is blue hour, an hour before sunrise and after sunset. It’s perfect to capture vivid street lights and an indigo-blue sky.

View of the ocean in Belize
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Waking up early also means getting a peek at the daily lives of the locals, which makes for authentic images. Here, at Ambergris Caye in Belize, I arrived at the beach just in time to catch children taking the scenic route to their school.

Beach in Belize
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Make friends

Young girl in Peru
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

It’s hard to be natural with a camera in your face. Talk to people, get to know them. I bought a bracelet from this little girl in Ollantaytambo, Peru. I made a joke about my thick fingers, which made her laugh and broke the ice. Her face became more relaxed, her gestures more natural.

Bracelet making in Peru
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Be creative to draw out your subject’s personality. We played a game with riverine people in the Brazilian Amazon: we tossed a coconut into the river, and whoever retrieved it first won. I captured authentic photos that showcased their unique relationship with nature.

Face in black and white
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller
Dive in black and white
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Create perspective

Trees on the road
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Look for scenes with lines that guide the viewer’s gaze toward a focal point. In Lisbon, we took a wrong turn and stumbled upon this beautiful tree-lined road. Here, the lines are created by the road, the wall and the trees, and they naturally lead our eyes to the end of the lane disappearing off into the distance. This creates a sense of depth and perspective.

Black and white picture of New York city
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller
Plage en noir et blanc aux Bahamas
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Explore with angles

Most people take the same photo from the same spot. Think of all those pictures of people pretending to hold up the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Find a unique angle. Climb on a bench, lie on the ground, shoot upside down. While everyone was looking up, I looked down and captured this cool shot of the reflection of New York skyscrapers in a puddle.

Water reflection in New York city
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller

Or shoot through something: branches, sunglasses, windows. It frames your picture in a creative way and adds another layer to your story. In this small reserve in Indonesia, I lay on the jungle floor and shot through leaves to capture this image of a male endangered crested black macaque protecting his harem. It adds a more natural element, like we’re witnessing a candid moment from a hidden point of view we’re typically not privy to.

Monkey in the jungle
Photo credit: Benoit Brühmüller


Article by Benoit Brühmüller originally published in the November 2018-April 2019 edition of the Atmosphere magazine. Read the latest edition here.

Cover photo : Benoit Brühmüller

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