Lisbon – Cascais, Portugal

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Lisbon – Cascais, Portugal

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Article by Marie-Ève, vacation expert, originally published in the 13th edition of the Atmosphere magazine.  Read the latest edition here.

Lisbon credentials

Fascinated with Portugal’s capital since her childhood friend gave her a poster of the Belém Tower, she has visited it more times than she can remember.

Belem tour in Lisbon, Portugal
Photo credits: Marie-Ève, Vacation Expert


A coastal tour, with a stop in nearby Cascais.


“Lisbon is sunny, has its own relaxed vibe and is by the sea. What more can you ask for?”

1. Surf

Surf in Lisbon: Caiscais beach, 45 minutes from Portugal's capital
Photo credits: Marie-Ève, Vacation Expert

Ride the waves in the coastal town of Cascais. Or tumble into them as you learn how to surf with Surf Cascais. With spectacular beaches, you’ll never run out of places to surf here.

2. Take a walk to Boca do Inferno

Take a walk on the wild side to Boca do Inferno (Jaws of Hell), a wicked cliff formation with a natural arch carved by the restless pounding of the waves. It’s so picturesque it might steal some Instagram likes from the surf photos you posted earlier.

La Boca do Inferno, Cascais, Portugal
Photo credits: Marie-Ève, Vacation Expert

3. Seafood  at the Restaurant Mar Do Inferno

Don’t leave Cascais without tasting its seafood. Eat a succulent platter overflowing with shrimp, lobster, mussels and snapper at the Michelin- starred Restaurante Mar do Inferno, with the Atlantic in the background.

4. Watch the sunset at the restaurant-bar Pharmacia

In Lisbon, watch the sun dip into the Tagus River from the terrace of restaurant-bar Pharmacia in the bustling Bairro Alto neighbourhood. While there, cure any ailment you might have with Ibuprofen (cachaça and lemon juice) or LSD (whisky and Ginjinha).

Un cocktail à Lisbonne
Photo credits: Air Transat

Catch a flight from Montreal to Lisbon in one clic here.

Cover photo credits: Marie-Ève, Vacation Expert

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