Into the Jungle – Costa Rica

airtransat By airtransat / 28 March 2019

Into the Jungle – Costa Rica

airtransat By airtransat

Do you know these odd creatures from the Costa Rican rainforest?

Drawing of animals in Costa Rica
Illustration by : Ti-Pou


Sloths snooze 15 hours a day, and they move verrrrrrrry slowly. So slowly that algae grow on them and all sorts of creepy-crawlies live in their fur. Imagine how many baths they’d need to get clean!

Spectacled caiman

Is that caiman wearing glasses? No, it just looks that way! That’s why it’s called spectacled caiman. But yes, it does have good eyesight! And at night, its eyes shine bright red in the dark. Oh, snap!


A kinka-who? A kinkajou! It’s nicknamed “honey bear” because it raids beehives and slurps up the honey with its long tongue. Luckily, its dense fur protects it from those nasty bee stings. Sweet!


Is that a pig? An elephant? No, it’s a tapir! And it loves the water! It can stay underwater for several minutes, poking out its snout like a snorkel.


Toucan Sam loves Froot Loops, but the real toucan loves fruit! Its bill can be four times the size of its head but is surprisingly light. Perfect for perching on thin branches to pluck that delicious fruit.

Illustration by : Ti-Pou

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