10 Epic Ideas To Make Your Destination Wedding Unforgettable

airtransat By airtransat / 02 December 2016

10 Epic Ideas To Make Your Destination Wedding Unforgettable

airtransat By airtransat

Article by Nicole Greenberg. This article was originally featured in the Weddingbells special feature in the Transat 2017-2018 Weddings brochure.

From palm frond décor to personalised towels, here are 10 epic ideas to make your warm-weather, seaside destination wedding an unforgettable one.

1. Serve The Local Drink Upon Arrival

Start your wedding weekend off right by greeting guests with your destination’s signature drink, whether it’s a fruity rum punch, a refreshing mojito or a slushy margarita.

2. Offer Welcome Bags Brimming with Destination Essentials

Your guests will love a swag bag full of practical items like a towel (in your wedding colours, of course!), a local map, sunscreen, a beach read and local treats and snacks.

3. Incorporate Natural Elements into Your Décor

Your destination’s turquoise waters, white sand beaches and lush rainforests are a major source of décor inspiration. Add a palm frond arch, a few seashell garlands or some coral vases for a natural yet elegant look.

4. Offer Warm-Weather Staples Before the Start of Your Ceremony

Instead of letting your guests swelter during your vow exchange, set up a table of warm- weather essentials–think flip-flops, paper fans and sunglasses–that they can grab beforehand.

Swimming in the sea at a destination wedding
Photo credit: Stocksy

5. Arrange Group Outdoor Activities to Get Your Guests Mingling

Keep your guests occupied all week long by organising group excursions through your resort. Whether you go hiking or horseback riding, you’ll definitely appreciate the extra bonding time before and after your big day.

6. Create a Cool Dessert Bar

Beat the heat with a frozen dessert bar full of tropical treats like guava popsicles, mango ice cream sandwiches and passion fruit sorbets. Take advantage of the fruity offering of your destination wedding location!

7. Create Lounge Areas Where Guests Can Cool Off and Take in The View

Whether you glam up your venue’s cabana or create your own poolside rest area with some plush pillows, your guests will appreciate a cosy place where they can kick back and relax in style.

8. Play Informal Yet Fun Games During Your Reception

Make full use of your beach venue by setting up games right on the sand. A piñata will be a hit with the kids, while a limbo stick will get the older crowd into full-on party mode.

Music and decorations at a destination wedding
Photos credits: A Brit And A Blonde; Mango Studios

9. Entertain With Traditional Music

A troupe of steel drummers, a trio of mariachi singers or a reggae band will not only wow your guests but also keep them dancing all night long; it’s also quintessential to the culture of your destination wedding!

10. Opt For An Open-Air Photo Booth

Nothing gets the party started quite like a photo booth so put yours right on the beach–it’s the perfect way to capture the beauty of your destination.


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For more wedding inspiration, visit Weddingbells’ website.

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