Chocolate Attractions in Europe: The Sweetest Places to Visit

Avatar By Jennifer Doré Dallas / 01 January 2021

Chocolate Attractions in Europe: The Sweetest Places to Visit

Avatar By Jennifer Doré Dallas

Whether you like it milky or bitter, in small or large quantities, dark or white, here are a few of the best chocolate attractions in Europe to visit this year in order to learn more about the process (and the art!) of being a chocolatier.

Cacao, like gold, has its own stock market price, and chocolate-producing countries prepare unparalleled colourful beans to transport them to the world’s most reputable nations for bars, eggs and sweet bites with intoxicating properties! Do you know the origin of the cacao beans that make up this chocolate? Did you know that a Canadian eats of 6.4 kilograms of chocolate per year on average?

Where to get the best chocolate in Europe?


In addition to famous Leonidas and Godiva houses, Belgium has a dozen factories, fifteen museums and over 2,000 chocolate shops in Brussels and throughout the entire country.

With the highest density of chocolate shops in Europe, Bruges is often nicknamed the capital of chocolate. Every year, Bruges in Choc, a colourful festival, is held here and fans will not want to miss the Choco-Story Chocolate Museum!

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It’s a safe bet that if someone mentions “chocolate”, you will automatically think of the makers of Switzerland, whose people are among the largest consumers of truffles, bars and sweet delights transformed on the planet.

Lindt & Sprungli and Maison Cailler are just some of the places where you can visit a chocolate factory in Switzerland.

Not to mention the Chocolate Train, chugging through the Swiss highlands, click-clacking through green meadows near picture-perfect snow-capped peaks between Montreux and the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate factory in Broc. This alpine adventure runs in classic belle époque 1915 Pullman coaches straight out of an Agatha Christie novel. Minus the murder mystery.

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Few visitors think of Spain when planning a trip around chocolate, but we must not forget the origins of cacao bean transformation.

The Spaniards were the first importers to the Old Continent and the first chocolate machine was manufactured there in the 18th century. For cacao fanatics, head for Villajoyosa, the Spanish city of chocolate, where three chocolate factories are still operating, including the free-to-visit Valor Chocolate Museum.

There are two other, slightly smaller chocolate factories nearby: Chocolates Pérez and Chocolates Clavileño.

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The French capital certainly hosts some of the most acclaimed chocolate attractions in Europe, with just over 300 chocolate shops in Paris.

The Cité du Chocolat Valrhona in Tain-L’Hermitage, in the heart of the Rhône Valley, is a chocolate school which welcome tens of thousands of travellers every year who come to indulge in their dose of all things sweet. You can book a pâtisserie workshop and learn more about the entire process from the cocoa farms to artisans’ kitchen labs.

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