Belfast: A Rainbow City to Explore in Northern Ireland

Avatar By Jennifer Doré Dallas / 18 July 2019

Belfast: A Rainbow City to Explore in Northern Ireland

Avatar By Jennifer Doré Dallas

As the capital of Northern Ireland, the charming Belfast has undergone a remarkable renewal since the beginning of the peace process. On the island of Ireland in Atrim County, the northern city is crossed by the Lagan River which gives it a small locality feel despite its qualities as a dynamic metropolis. Let’s discover together the multicoloured attractions that make Belfast a city to visit on your next trip to Northern Ireland or Europe!

Reflections on the Titanic Belfast

Once the largest shipyard in the world, Harland & Wolff witnessed the birth of the famous steamship RMS Titanic, built there. Today you will find the renowned Titanic Museum, a fascinating establishment of gigantic proportions that is both a memorial site in honour of the victims and a witness of the city’s industrial past. A must-see place to visit in Belfast, the museum is just as spectacular outside as it is inside when the sun reflects on its silver facade!

Belfast Titanic Museum
Photo credit: jacqueline macou, Pixabay

Belfast Murals and Street Art

Disrupted for decades by the troubles, a nickname given to the North Irish conflict between Protestant unionists and Catholic nationalists, Belfast still heals its wounds. Do not worry, the city has become safe again, but historical, political and religious tensions are part of the DNA of Belfast residents, who deserve that we attribute a few hours to better understanding their past. Several guided tours will help you in the process, including black cab taxi rides that will take you to the foot of murals and colourful frescoes depicting the events and victims of the conflict.

Street art in Belfast, Ireland
Photo credit: Jennifer Doré Dallas

Whiteness of Belfast City Hall

Who said that white is not part of a multicoloured city? Head to Belfast City Hall on Donegall Square, the centre of the capital. The whiteness of the building recalls the roots of its location, formerly the International Linen Exchange! Stroll through the gardens surrounding it before exploring the many arteries filled with shops and gourmet stops, like the popular Commercial Court. In the same colour scheme as city hall, Belfast Castle contrasts with the greenery of the park in which it is located. A nice walk if you are in search of peace and quiet!

Town Hall in Belfast, Ireland
Photo credit: Jennifer Doré Dallas

On the Green Roads of Northern Ireland

When the island of Ireland and travels to Northern Ireland are mentioned, one cannot ignore the colour green that holds a key role in the island’s landscapes. Belfast constitutes a great base from which to explore the Antrim Coast to the Giant’s Causeway, must-see attractions you need to see once in your lifetime!

Belfast residents sure know how to party and love music; continue your exploration of the colours of the city in the pubs and bars that line the streets, key places to meet colourful characters!

Want to continue your rainbow explorations of Europe? The colours of London await with its impressive street art, head for the little-known rainbow island of Jersey or go in search of Tuscan villages to visit!

Book your flight to Ireland now or plan a multi-city package including Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow and Edinburgh to discover what the region has to offer for landscapes, encounters and memories!

Have a nice trip to Belfast!

Cover photo credits: Jennifer Doré-Dallas

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