Abigail, Reinvented

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Abigail, Reinvented

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Article by Line Abrahamian originally published in the Atmosphere magazine. Read the latest edition here.

From pint-sized beauty queen in Little Miss Sunshine to zombie-killing con artist in Zombieland to synth-pop siren Sophomore, it’s hard to keep up with all of Abigail Breslin’s personalities. On the eve of her new album, Sorry for the Mess, and new movie, Zombieland: Double Tap, a sequel to the 2009 hit, we peel off the many layers of the 23-year-old actress-songstress by talking about her new music and everything undead.

Abigail, the actress

What can we expect from Zombieland: Double Tap, 10 years after the original?

All I can say is, expect a lot of zombies… and some stellar zombie kills.

What do you find coolest about zombies?

Their running skills. I’m a terrible runner. I don’t like to run. I like to sit. Also their appetite. They have a really healthy appetite. Even if it’s a gross one.

What’s your least favourite thing about zombies?

That they want to eat my brain.

What can we learn from zombies?

That they’re just like us: they were people at one point. They just like to eat human brains now.

What would you do if your boyfriend turned into a zombie?

I’d probably be like, “Love you. But you gotta sleep on the couch tonight.”

Zombie, werewolf or vampire: which would you rather be?

I’d probably opt to not want to eat other humans, so I’m going to say a hard pass on zombies. I don’t like the idea of drinking blood, so I’m going to rule out vampires. Let’s go with werewolves. I like wolves, and I’d always be warm because I’d be covered in my own fur.

What would be in your zombie apocalypse survival kit?

My cat, Gizmo, because he has seven toes, so he could use those extra toes to fight off the zombies. Lots of water because you gotta stay hydrated. A steak so I can throw it at the zombies and run. Oh, and Purell because killing zombies can get a little messy.

Do you think a zombie apocalypse could happen?

I’m not ruling it out. And I think this movie can be educational in teaching us how to deal with it. So, I guess, what we’re doing is humanitarianism, really. Sure, there might not be a zombie apocalypse, but what if there is and you didn’t see this movie? Do you really want to take that chance?

Abigail Breslin, actress and singer (Little Miss Sunshine, Zombieland, Sophomore)

Sophomore, the musician

In September 2018, you released your first single in four years. Why the long wait?

I wanted to take the time to find my sound and who I was as an artist. I grew up listening to music my mom would play in the car, like Fleetwood Mac, the Stones and Bruce Springsteen. And I’ve always been drawn to ’80s synth pop. So I had to find a way to incorporate that electronic sound to songs that had the rawness of storytelling, that were literally written on my bedroom floor with just my acoustic guitar.

Why the alias Sophomore?

I wanted people to judge the songs based on the music and not my name as an actor. And Sophomore is a metaphor for when you’re in that phase where you’re not fully an adult and not fully a kid anymore, and that’s how I often feel. A lot of people still see me as a little kid and don’t realize I’m 23.

What can we expect from your new album, Sorry for the Mess?

Each song is like a chapter in a book, and the album goes from relationship woes to healing. My first single, “Sleepwalking,” is about an annoying breakup I was going through and is a metaphor for feeling like your partner is coasting through your relationship. Every song is based on a specific story and a specific person, though I’m never gonna name names [laughs], and how people come in and out of your life to teach you things. At the end of the album, I conquer past hurt and find love again.

Sorry for the Mess will be released in 2019, and Zombieland: Double Tap will be in theatres October 11, 2019.

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