6 Travel Trends to Watch

Mayssam Samaha By Mayssam Samaha / 12 May 2018

6 Travel Trends to Watch

Mayssam Samaha By Mayssam Samaha

The world of travel is constantly evolving and new trends arise every year that define and change the way we explore the world. We’ve noticed that the following 6 travel trends have become more popular in the past few years.

travel trends
Photo credit: Lurens / CC0 Creative Commons

Winter travel to Nordic destinations

Travel to tropical and exotic places has always been trendy. Photos of swaying palm trees, exuberant sunsets and fine sand beaches have been replaced by those of immaculate tundra, sled dogs and colourful Nordic villages in recent years. All this could be attributed to Iceland’s successful tourism campaign that attracted many travellers and helped usher this new trend of winter destinations. Greenland and northern Canadian and Scandinavian destinations are now the rage.

Immersive travel

Passive travelling is a thing of the past. Active and immersive experiences is what today’s travellers are looking for. Today’s travellers want to participate in activities that make them feel like locals: cooking lessons, food tours, culturally authentic experiences, tours of hidden, non-touristy spots, of local cafés and bakeries, meeting and eating in a home, etc. The idea is a more authentic and unique way of experiencing a place away from the droves of tourists.

Adventure and active travel

Today’s travellers are also looking for adventure and active travelling. Hiking, snowboarding, scuba diving, rafting, extreme camping, biking for miles, and more are in demand and the more off-the-beaten-path the destination is, the better. Fit travellers of all ages want to live something extraordinary, push their limits and commune with nature in their own favourite way.

travel trends
Porto / Photo credit: nuno_lopes / CC0 Creative Commons

The road less travelled

Barcelona and Venice are two cities overcome with tourists who are thinking of capping the number of yearly in order to preserve their integrity. This and many other reasons such as the desire for more authenticity cited above are pushing travellers to escape overcrowded destinations in favour of exploring smaller but just as authentic and awe-inspiring neighbouring countries or cities: Malta instead of Sicily, Porto instead of Lisbon, Mexico City instead of Buenos Aires…

Modern Nomads and telecommuting

Today’s workforce is more and more mobile and doesn’t want to be tied down to an office cubicle, or a permanent residence for that matter. Modern day nomads are having their cakes and eating it too by settling down in their favourite foreign cities to work and explore for a few weeks, months or years. All they require is an internet connection and a temporary home to make it work.

Slow travel

First came the slow food movement and now comes the slow travel movement, which preaches taking the time to experience the local culture. Slow travelling means (almost) settling down in one location and exploring it thoroughly instead of trying to see and do as many things as possible in a short amount of time.

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