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Union negotiations

As part of the negotiation process with the union representing our flight attendants, we have reached the stage of proceeding with a recommendation from the Federal Mediation Service, thereby definitively removing the threat of strike action and putting an end to the uncertainty for travellers and the 5,000 people employed by Transat.

Note from Jean-Marc Eustache

We know that this crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty and has had some serious repercussions on your daily life. Even as the situation changes rapidly from day to day, the well-being of our customers remains a top priority.

Los requisitos para entrar en Canadá han cambiado.

Los requisitos para entrar a Canadá han cambiado. Además de un pasaporte válido, los viajeros que deseen visitar Canadá necesitan una Autorización electrónica de viaje (eTA) emitida por el Gobierno de Canadá. Visite parar solicitarla o para obtener más información.