Pre-order Bistro service

  • Variety is the spice of life, and our new Bistro menu promises nothing less:

    Our menu items are available thanks to our pre-order service:

    • Up to 72 hours before departure
    • For flights of three hours or longer to the South (excluding Peru) and the United States or within Canada in Economy Class
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    How to pre-order?

  • Why pre-order?

    • Save on your meal selection
    • Get the on-board meal you want
    • Choose from meals available exclusively on pre-order, in addition to our popular trios
    • Contribute to the reduction of food waste

Meals available exclusively for pre-order1

  • Breakfast bento box

    Fresh fruits, vanilla yogurt and granola, croissant and strawberry jam
    US $11.99

  • Kids Bento Box

    Ham and cream cheese pinwheel bites, brownies, apple sauce, carrots, cucumbers and goldfish crackers
    US $7.99

  • Buddha bowl Trio*

    Quinoa, coliflor asada con cúrcuma, boniatos, nabos encurtidos, alubias negras, edamame, tomates cherry, pepinos, zanahorias ralladas, pimientos rojos, arándanos secos, aderezo Hoisen
    US $14.99

    * Pre-order will be available as of August 1, 2024

1Meals offered exclusively on pre-order are not available on flights to/from Ottawa, London, Hamilton, Halifax and Moncton and are not available on flights from San José and Havana.

Bistro menu trios also available for pre-order2

  • Breakfast sandwich trio*

    Egg, bacon and cheddar cheese on an English muffin
    Pre-order: US $11.99
    On board: CA $18.991

  • Pizza trio*

    Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese
    Pre-order: US $13.99
    On board: CA $19.991

  • Croque-monsieur trio*

    Ham, Swiss cheese, dijonnaise on ciabatta bread
    Pre-order: US $13.99
    On board: CA $19.991

  • Turkey Focaccia trio*

    Herbed focaccia bread, roasted smoked turkey, roasted red pepper hummus and caramelized onions
    Pre-order: US $14.99
    On board: CA $20.991

  • Reuben sandwich trio*

    Smoked meat, Kuhne sauerkraut, Swiss cheese on ciabatta bread
    Pre-order: US $14.99
    On board: CA $20.991


1 Prices on board are in Canadian dollars and will be converted into the local currency at the time of purchase.

*Snack and drink of choice included.
Snack options: Original or BBQ Pringles potato chips, Kit Kat chocolate or candies. Subject to availability.
Drink options: beer, wine, spirits (available on flights to and from South destinations and the U.S. only), soft drinks or bottled water. Subject to availability. Sparkling wine is excluded.

Presentation may vary. Taxes may apply on certain flight segments. Given that all foods were prepared by external companies, we cannot guarantee that allergens have not been introduced into the meals or snacks served on board.

How to pre-order?

  • Initial booking

    Pre-order your meal at the time of booking to get the one you really want.

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  • Manage my booking

    Already booked your flight? No worries, you can pre-order your meal up to 72 hours before your flight.

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    • For people who are deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, or for those with speech disabilities, access Bell Relay Service: 

      You must then instruct the Bell Relay Service operator to contact our contact centre at the following numbers: 1-866-234-5136 or 514-906-5196.

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