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February 10, 2020 -

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus (2019-nCoV), an increasing number of countries are imposing quarantine or denying entry to visitors who have recently been to the People's Republic of China. If this is your case, it is your responsibility to check the entry restrictions of your destination country.

The situation is evolving rapidly and is beyond our control. We recommend that you regularly check the restrictions put in place by the border authorities of the country you are planning to visit. Please note, however, that Air Transat will not be held liable and will not assume any expense in the event that you are refused entry into your country of destination due to these restrictions.

Should you need to change your itinerary, please contact your travel agency or our 24/7 customer contact centre.



  • TGV Air Service to Europe

    TGV AIR is a service that combines air and railway travel. It’s one booking, one rate, no hassle.

    Air Transat, in partnership with the SNCF (France’s national railway company), offers you a combination of flight between Canada and Paris, with rail travel to 18 cities in France and Belgium. Plus, your connections are guaranteed in case of a flight or train delay.

    *Please make sure to validate your train ticket in any yellow validation machine before boarding the train. If you have not validated your ticket and are checked by a train conductor, you may be subject to a fine and Air Transat will not be held responsible.

  • How to book ?


    Use our booking engine to select your destination.
    The TGV AIR icon will appear if it is available.



    1-877-872-6728 (Toll-free) or +1-514-636-3630 (Fees apply)
    24 hours a day 7 days a week

Travel to 18 cities in France and to Brussels

  • City with year-round direct flights and TGV AIR service
     Cities with direct flights in the summer and year-round TGV AIR service
     Cities with year-round TGV AIR service only
    • Aix-en-Provence TGV
    • Angers - Saint-Laud train Station
    • Avignon TGV
    • Bordeaux - Saint-Jean train Station
    • Bruxelles - Bruxelles Midi train Station
    • Le Mans
    • Lille - Lille Europe train Station
    • Lyon - Part Dieu train Station
    • Marseille - Saint-Charles train Station
    • Metz-Nancy - TGV Lorraine train Station
    • Montpellier - Saint Roch train Station
    • Nantes
    • Nîmes
    • Poitiers
    • Reims - TGV Champagne-Ardenne train Station
    • Rennes
    • Tours - St-Pierre-des-Corps train Station
    • Strasbourg
    • Valence TGV


  • A simplified process : It’s one reservation, one rate for the combined air and railway travel. It also means one‑stop shopping for the entire booking process.

    Guaranteed connections : In case of a flight or train delay, the booking will be confirmed on the next available flight or train at no extra cost thanks to the protection policy.

    More flexibility : you can schedule between 2 and 24 hours for your connections.

Travel Steps

Canada to Europe

  • 1. Air Transat flight

    • Check in at the Air Transat counter for your boarding pass and baggage drop-off.
    • Take off for Paris‑Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 3.
  • 2. Paris CDG Airport

    • Pick up your baggage.
    • Transfer to Terminal 2 (TN) and check in at the TGV AIR (Air&Rail) counter for your train ticket.
  • 3. TGV train ride

    • Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to board your train.
    • Punch your train ticket in any yellow validation machine.
    • Take the train to your final destination.

Europe to Canada

  • 1. TGV Train station

    • Make sure to arrive at least 20 minutes early to board your train.
    • Check in at the TGV AIR counter for your train ticket to Paris.
    • Validate your train ticket in any yellow validation machine.
    • Take the train to Paris.
  • 2. Paris CDG Airport

    • Once you reach Paris‑Charles de Gaulle airport, Terminal 2, pick up your baggage.
    • Transfer to Terminal 3 to check in at the Air Transat counter.
  • 3. Air Transat flight to Canada

    • Pick up your boarding pass, and drop off your baggage.
    • Take off for Canada.

Frequently asked questions about TGV Air


No. You need to check in for your train ticket:

  • if you are travelling from Canada to Europe, at the TGV AIR Air&Rail counter located at Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport Terminal 2 (TN).
  • if you are travelling from Europe to Canada, at the TGV AIR counter located at the TGV train station you are departing from.

Don’t forget to validate your ticket in any yellow validation machine before you board the train.


No. You must first validate your train ticket in any yellow validation machine before you board the train.


No. With TGV AIR, pets will not be allowed on board or in the baggage hold. The only exception will be emotional support and service dogs, upon presentation of certification.


For technical reasons, the wheelchair—in the unfolded position—must not exceed 75 cm in width and 117 cm in length. The combined weight of the wheelchair and passenger must not exceed 150 kg. For assistance, passengers may contact our Information and Seat Selection Centre at 1-877-TRANSAT minimum 48 hours before departure for assistance.


There is no specific baggage allowance for the train. As for the flight, see our baggage policy for details.


Club Class passengers will be automatically assigned to first class on the train, while Economy Class passengers will be assigned to second class.


Yes. However, SNCF will only accept bikes under the following conditions:

  • Maximum bike dimensions: 120 cm (47 In) x 90 cm (35 In).
  • Front wheel must be removed, and all placed in a transport bag.

When completing a TGV Air booking, you enter into two separate contracts: a contract of carriage by air with Air Transat and a contract of carriage of passengers by rail with SNCF. Please note that Air Transat is not responsible and cannot be held liable for the proper performance of the contract of carriage by rail, which is subject to the liability rules applicable in rail transport matters as well as the terms of the document entitled “Tarifs voyageurs” (Condition of Carriage agreement), and which falls under the responsibility of SNCF MOBILITES. For more details see the general conditions of the SNCF  Will open in a separate browser window.