Transat celebrates its 30th anniversary

Air Transat unveils its new fleet livery

Unveiled during a special event to celebrate its 30th anniversary, the new Air Transat fleet livery reflects the recent evolution of the Transat brand image and remains faithful to the company’s promise: to brighten the everyday with the joy of vacations. The star symbol, recognized emblem of Transat, is proudly displayed on the tail and the rear side fuselage and also on the wingtips.

To mark the 30th anniversary, the design uses touches of grey, a nod to Air Transat’s very first livery. That livery features gradated shades of blue, to evoke the transformative power of holidays. Finally, the Air Transat name appears on the side and underside of the fuselage, ensuring its visibility even when the aircraft is in flight.

  • The star on the tail
    Air Transat’s icon, the star, is now featured more prominently to reflect its greater role in our brand image. It symbolizes how vacations brighten our everyday

    Silver band
    A silver band runs sleekly along the rear to the tail. It seamlessly links the white body to the blue tail and is a subtle nod to the metallic fuselage of our first plane. The eagle-eyed will notice that its shape mimics that of one of the arms of the Air Transat star.

    Blue gradient at the rear
    The distinctly Air Transat shades of blue are inspired by the ocean and sky of our seaside destinations, evoking the joy of vacations.

  • Air Transat logotype at the front
    Our recognizable logotype is smaller than before, lending it a more elegant look. It now fits neatly in one line, between the two front doors and above the windows, making it clearly legible.

    Air Transat logotype on the belly
    Our logotype appears in bold on the belly so that people can easily identify our brand when one of our planes flies over them.