CRS Booking & Ticketing Policy

  1. Introduction 

    Air Transat CRS Booking and Ticketing Procedures is to ensure that Tariff Rules and other procedures between the Travel Agent and Air Transat are respected and if not, settle the difference in an adequate and logical way.
    Audits and checks are performed on TS 649 documents.

  2. Legal basis

    In accordance with IATA resolution 850m, Agency Debit Memos (ADM) are a legitimate accounting tool for use by Air Transat and is only used to collect amounts or make adjustments to agent transactions in respect of the issuance and use of 649 Standard Traffic Documents issued by or at the request of the Agent.
    Alternative uses of ADMs may exist provided that such an agreement exists between Air Transat and the Agent.

  3. Booking and Ticketing Policy 

    1. No agent shall make any Booking or complete any Ticketing for a fare class or class of service that is not available at the time such Booking or Ticketing is made or completed. Air Transat reserves the right to cancel any Booking or Ticketing which contravenes the foregoing and issue an ADM for any costs associated with such violation.
    2. In case of irregularities, reissuances or refunds not in accordance with Tariff Rules can be authorized by Air Transat (i.e. flight cancellations, weather conditions). It is the Travel Agent’s responsibility to obtain a waiver code by contacting Air Transat and to include it on the endorsement box of the reissued document or the refund. Failure to do so may result in an ADM being issued for failure to comply with Tariff Rules.
    3. Travel Agents must book and ticket within the same CRS. Travel Agents may not duplicate segments by moving segments between CRS and may not create active or passive duplicate bookings, including any combination of bookings that will not be flown. In addition, Air Transat shall not be held liable for duplicate segment fees.
    4. Passive segments are not permitted unless approved in writing by Air Transat. Travel agents who issue tickets on behalf of sub-agents must use the original live CRS booking.
    5. All CRS bookings must be ticketed as per Tariff Rules or immediately cancelled in the CRS when not required, prior to departure. Any fees specified in the Tariff Rules must be collected and submitted to Air Transat as required in said Tariff Rules. Failure to do so may result in an ADM being issued.
    6. Travel Agents shall not hold inventory for potential future sales. Title and full name of each passenger is required at time of booking. Name changes are not permitted. Name corrections are permitted (misspelled names).
    7. Multiple bookings and cancellations for the purpose of extending the ticket time limit are not permitted (commonly referred to as churning).
    8. For training or test purposes, PNRs must be created in training mode only and must not affect Air Transat’s inventory.
    9. A Travel Agent shall not, without prior written consent from Air Transat, share, redistribute, display or advertise any of Air Transat’s content to a 3rd party agent, including but not limited to,  any GDS, Travel Agent, both online or not, metasearch engine or any other website/entity where airfare may be distributed.
    10. Travel Agents may not issue Miscellaneous Charge Orders (MCOs) through the Airlines reporting Corporation (ARC). Any request must be addressed to Air Transat by the Travel Agent at the following address:
    11. Any request for reimbursement of a ticket booked through CRS must be submitted in BSP Link to Air Transat within 12 months of the issuing date of the ticket. Upon receipt of such request, Air Transat will verify that it complies with all the conditions of cancellation applicable to the ticket for which a refund request is submitted. If a refund request meets the conditions of cancellation it will be accepted and reimbursed by Air Transat. Any request for reimbursement submitted out of this delay, or that does not comply with the conditions of cancellation, will be refused by Air Transat.
  4. Fees and Penalties

    If Air Transat determines that a CRS subscriber has engaged in practices that violate this policy, the travel agency will be subject to an administrative AND a policy violation fee, per ADM, for each violation.

    Fee structure
      Canada United States EU UK Europe – other markets Americas – other markets
    Administrative Fee CAD$50 USD$50 €20 £20 EU amounts converted to local currency US amounts converted to local currency
    Violation Fee CAD$15 USD$15 €5 £5
    Fare audit Fee Difference between ticketed and available fare
    Churning Fees will be charged per the above table for each violation exceeding 6 churns.

    Air Transat is committed to provide clear and specific information as to why the ADM charges are being made.
    Air Transat can issue more than one ADM for one original ticket when the ticket combines multiple unrelated fare discrepancies.

    Ticketing authority:
    Air Transat reserves the right to restrict ticketing authority and/ or booking capability for any travel agency that has:

    • Overdue (more than 30 days) debit memos/invoices for booking infractions;
    • Engaged in fraudulent bookings;
    • 25% no show factor in any given month or 10 of more no show passengers; or
    • Systematically and regularly violates this policy.

    Minimum value for the issuance of a single ADM

    • The minimum amount for which a fare audit ADM is issued is CAD $5.00 (or equivalent in local currency).
    • In case of persistent practices of under-payment (multiple occurrences of underpayments of less than CAD $5.00 or equivalent in local currency) by the same IATA Agent, Air Transat reserves the right to recover these underpayments by sending a global ADM.
  5. Contact information

    The email address to contact for ADM/ACM questions and issues is:
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