3D Secure

A new European regulation regarding client multifactor authentication (DSP2) will be applicable starting September 14, 2019. This directive aims to facilitate the use of electronic payments while making them more secure.

What is 3D Secure?
3D Secure is a secure protocol for payments aiming to reduce online credit card fraud. It suggests to replace static passwords with a two-factor authentication.

How to use 3D Secure?
If you are using a European credit card, you might have to authenticate yourself via 3D-Secure. If this is the case, a modal window will open in your navigator at the time of payment. To allow you identification, you will have to provide certain informations. Your date of birth, password or any other relevant information to your authentication might be required. Once the information is validated and the payment accepted, your purchase will be confirmed.

What happens if the authentication is not successful?
For your security, if 3 authentication attempts turn out to be non-conclusive your transaction will be canceled, and the credit card blocked. You will then have to communicate with your financial institution to rectify the situation.
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