Vancouver is the largest city in the western province of British Columbia and the third largest metropolis in Canada. It’s one of the world’s great scenic cities, surrounded by mountains, beaches, parks, rainforests and the Pacific Ocean. This coastal seaport city is also among the most ethnically diverse places in Canada.

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Feel the energy of a pulsating, cosmopolitan city

  • Vancouver was named the city with the highest quality of living in North America. Stroll through Stanley Park, its renowned 400-hectare urban park. Take a dip at English Bay Beach, located right in the heart of town. And look for signs of its prominent Asian culture around every corner. Plus, the city is known as a great place to shoot movies, so who knows which celebrities you might bump into around town.

    If you’re a social butterfly, Vancouver has a packed calendar all year-round, with food, film, music and firework celebrations throughout the seasons. Nature lovers, Vancouver and its surrounding areas have got you covered. Hike scenic trails at city parks, zip-line across mountains, ski on snowy slopes or canoe on a lake. Yes, Vancouver has something for everyone.

Canada deals year-round

  • Summer

    Behold a backdrop of majestic green mountains, glistening blue waters, the sun gleaming off shiny buildings and a frenzy of city festivals.

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  • Fall

    Soak in the seasonal colours, marvel at the reflection of the fall landscape in the water and find fresh food at farmers’ markets.

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  • Winter

    Enjoy a mild winter climate, admire snowy mountain peaks, view frosty waterfalls and watch the city light up at winter festivals.   

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