Fly to Calgary, the gateway to the Rockies

What to do in Calgary

For many travellers, Calgary is a gateway to the Rockies and the stunning national parks of Banff and Jasper. But this old cowboy town turned
vibrant capital of Alberta is worth a stop for a few days.

Not to be missed

Take a stroll through Prince’s Island Park, a lush park in the heart of
the city. Grab a bite to eat or a drink at the bustling pedestrian-friendly
Stephen Avenue. 17th Avenue South is also worth a trip to rub shoulders
with young hockey fans. And the iconic Calgary Tower is a must-see to
experience a spectacular panoramic view of the capital from the Observation Deck.
Visiting in July? Don’t miss the legendary Calgary Stampede, the world’s largest rodeo, and soak up its Wild West ambience.   

Less than two hours away from Calgary

Nature lovers, rent a car and set off to discover the open spaces near Calgary.   
  • Banff National Park

    In the heart of the Rockies, the Banff National Park is a must-see, according to National Geographic. Walk along its popular hiking trails and discover its waterfalls, glaciers and hot springs. The snowy peaks mirrored in the emerald waters of Lake Louise and Moraine Lake offer a natural spectacle of striking beauty.  
  • Horseback riding on the Cowboy Trail

    The legendary Cowboy Trail is the route formerly used by Alberta herders. It runs 700 kilometres between the Prairies and the Rockies, with grand panoramas as its backdrop. For an authentic experience, take a horseback ride through the ranches and villages that look like they belong in a Western film.    
  • On the trail of dinosaurs

    Fans of Jurassic Park, plunge into a bygone era at the Dinosaur Provincial Park, which houses fossils that date back 75 million years. Explore its striking badlands and discover the world’s largest dinosaur at Drumheller, a model tyrannosaurus that haunts the city from its 26-metre height. A thrilling adventure for both big and small explorers!

Less than five hours away from Calgary


Jasper National Park  

Located just north of the popular Banff National Park, Jasper is even more vast and wild. Witness the elk, moose and caribou in their natural habitat. Conquer the spectacular Columbia Icefield, surrounded by 30 gleaming glaciers. Marvel at the vertiginous Maligne Canyon from the interpretive trail that borders it. 

And explore the Athabasca Falls, among the most powerful in the Rockies, and Mount Edith Cavell, which stands majestically at 3,300 metres high. Attention, experienced hikers: the Skyline, the highest trail in Jasper, offers stunning views of the steep ridges and pristine expanses of the park. Don’t forget to check the weather before you go, because it can snow any time of the year!